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Hi there, guardians! If you’re already playing Destiny 2 you probably now that PvP part of the game mainly consists of the Crucible. The main difference from another part of the game in Crucible is that weapons and armor are working in a completely different way, which may confuse you if you’re new to it. But the main reason for going to the Crucible is the highest Glory Ranks achievement, which will result in getting some awesome pinnacle PvP weapons.

Sometimes it’s really hard to win in competitive matchmaking – this is why D2 PvP boost is actually a thing nowadays. If you’ve been playing the Crucible for some time already, then you probably understand, what we’re talking about. Even achieving Fabled Glory rank is incredibly tough, and this is not even half of the road to Legend. We, team, have prepared this little glory ranks guide for you – get yourself some tea and let’s get started.


There is a total of 6 ranks in Crucible:

  1. Guardian
  2. Brave
  3. Heroic
  4. Fabled
  5. Mythic
  6. Legend

To earn them, obviously, you’ll have to play in the Crucible. But there are 2 different rankings: Competitive and Quickplay. Competitive has only 1 matchmaking, which is 4v4 matches, and all others do belong to the Quickplay. One more important thing, only in Competitive you’ll lose your rank if you won’t win the match – and this is why it’s really hard to get these pinnacle crucible weapons that we’ll talk about later.

Each rank has 3 steps, indicated by the number after its name, for example, Heroic I, Heroic II and Heroic III. You’ll have some random legendary crucible weapon or armor every time you reach a new rank, but they’re not very interesting to collect except very few of them.


Yes, as we’ve mentioned before, your armor and weapons work in a different way, while you’re in a crucible. In case of weapons, their damage is connected to their archetype, which means that, for example, all 150 RPM hand cannons will deal an equal amount of damage to other guardians, shotguns will one-shot guardians in close range, etc. Also, some weapons are just not very comfortable to use depending on the map and some supers are just not that effective in PvP scenarios.

All that stuff has formed a thing called META – Most Effective Tactic Available. For example, scout rifles are out of meta nowadays, because sniper rifles or pulse rifles can kill enemies faster at the same distances and there are some maps where you won’t be able to find these long distances, so it won’t make sense to use some long-range weapons.

The same thing goes with the subclasses. For example, the most effective void hunter subclass in terms of PvP is the one with the blades because you can utilize him in any situation possible, and other void hunter subclasses are very situational.

All of that doesn’t mean that you can’t play whatever you want – you can, but it’ll be not that easy for you. And still, this is not the most difficult part here.


So, what is the main problem in winning games in the Crucible? Yeas, matchmaking. And we’re not speaking about “my teammates are bad” situation, not only.

There’s only 1 queue in competitive matchmaking, which means that solo players and teams of 2,3 or 4 players will play against each other. And as you could’ve already figured this out – playing against 4 players with voice communication is a headache. More than that, they often have one or two players with Mountaintop, Luna’s Howl, Recluse or Not Forgotten – all of these weapons are specifically made for PvP and they actually rock. Their TTK (Time To Kill, which means how long you have to shoot your enemy to kill him) values are extremely high and this is really hard to compete against if you don’t have one.

We could also mention one more reason it’s hard to play in the Crucible sometimes – balance. Balance is something that every online game has issues with because it’s almost impossible to balance all the things that you have in the game. Balance changes with every patch, and that’s why you always have to be aware of incoming changes – because balance changes can break current meta and you’ll have to adapt.

But let’s return to the problem of matchmaking. How to compete against the stack of 4 players in competitive matchmaking? Get yourself a team! And it’d be perfect if your teammates are good. Even if they’re not that good – you'll get better after every game. Yes, all of you will make some misplays, but you’ll remember this and won’t let this happen again. You’ll find the weapon that suits you the most and will perform greater and greater with every single win or loss. But there’s another way.


There’s a saying that goes like: “If you want to be the best, you have to compete against the best”. In Destiny 2, however, we think that this can work in a little bit different way – if you’ll have a team of professionals by your side, you’ll become a better player as well.

As far as you may know, we,, are providing a lot of Destiny 2 boosts – raid, weapons, triumphs, and the Crucible as well. Literally, it could be any Destiny 2 boost: you want a D2 Glory rank boost? For example, Fabled Glory rank (or you can find it as 2100 Glory rank boost)? No problem! Or you want to go even further, straight to the top – Legend Glory rank carry (or 5500 Glory rank carry)? Yes, we can do it for you!

As we’ve mentioned before, Glory ranks are not just the numbers. Fabled (or 2100 Glory Rank boost) is required to get such weapons as Mountaintop grenade launcher, Luna’s Howl hand cannon and Recluse submachine gun, and Legend Glory rank carry (or 5500 Glory rank carry) is required for the Not Forgotten hand cannon which is an absolute dominator in any Crucible activity.


Glory Ranks is not that complicated in Destiny 2 – what is complicated is their achieving. Many players are afraid of competitive matchmaking because guardians skill is very high there. But this is not something that should stop you from getting your desired Crucible weapons. By the way, best players PvP success does not completely rely on their weapons - it’s how you use them as well.

Later, guardians.

May the LIght guide you.

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