Destiny 2 classes overview


In our recently published beginners guide we’ve already touched upon the topic of character classes but only briefly. Now we’re gonna help you figure out which one is more comfy for you to use.

D2, as you probably know, offers us 3 classes. Each of them, in turn, is divided into 3 subclasses with their own distinctive abilities and perks. We’ll try to review all 9 archetypes so that you could make up your mind about choosing the ones that suit your playstyle best.

It’s incredibly important to know that when you start the game, there’ll be only one class at your disposal. In other words, you’ll run only one of the existing 3 classes, while the other 2 you will have to unlock in the process, but as soon as you do it, you’ll be able to switch between all three of them at any moment during any mission.


Titan class

You shall not pass!

Titans are a textbook case of typical tanks. They are perfect for absorbing insane amounts of damage and cover allies with their mighty shields.


This one is speccing fully in protection and barriers building. For playing solo, it’s pretty useless, while as a party member, it’s gonna be a must-have, especially for covering damage dealers. Forsaken’s Banner Shield, for instance, creates a powerful barrier that blocks all the incoming attacks but allows your allies to fire freely.


This one is more focused on damage than on defense. Yep, we still can create barriers but now our abilities allow us to deal solid damage as well. Melee kills and damage grant you numerous buffs (Frontal Assault for reloading and weapon stability, Reversal for regenerating, etc.), and with Forsaken’s Thundercrash, you can land an extremely heavy arc strike.


Frankly speaking, it’s the most balanced and well-thought-out archetype. Its spec is Solar abilities, which include devastating hammer attacks and multiple buffs they inflict: Sun Warrior, for example, heals you every time you land a solar kill, and some other abilities, like Solar Siege or Rings of Fire, give you perks for being in a Sunspot. One great addition: you still can put up a bunch of barricades.


Hunter class

Hunter is a hunter, even in a dream...

This, perhaps, is the most pleasant class for running solo. If you prefer attacking and inflicting damage rather than taking it, sitting tight behind barricades and healings, then Hunter is your go-to class. Despite being super destructive, Hunter’s class abilities are aimed at dodging, so with the right skills, you won’t even need healing.


Mostly, a melee archetype and probably the easiest to handle of them all. The mechanics rest heavily on dodging and landing staff blows (Deadly Reach, Lightning Reflexes, Lethal Current abilities). High, Triple and Strafe Jumps make you jump really high and give you more control over navigating in the air. Forsaken’s Arcstrider can deflect the enemy’s projectiles thanks to Whirlwind Guard Super, which grants some damage boosts and gives you a nice recharge. Though, the disadvantages of this subclass are obvious: as a close combat expert, Arcstrider can be vulnerable to long- and medium-distance attacks, ‘cause when your foes are firing at you, even with the deflecting Super, to take them down you need to reach them first.


As surprising as it might sound, the key mechanic for this archetype is marksmanship. A mob-eliminating master with explosive grenades, Forsaken’s Gunslinger also has a deadly Super with solar knives and a bunch of talents setting your foes on fire. Pros: there’s no need to get closer to the enemy. Cons: when shooting you, unfortunately, have to aim. There are lots of console players, and it might make matters a bit more complicated. We are more than sure that playing shooters on gamepads is a very specific thing. On the other hand, if you’re a PC player, using a standard keyboard/mouse pack, and if you love inflicting damage from any range, Gunslinger is a perfect choice.


Nightstalker’s main goal is to weaken the targets as much as possible. Debuffing the targets, slowing them down, setting a trap or turning invisible to sneak on somebody – that’s what Nightstalkers are up to. Snare Bomb, for instance, sets a smoke trap, which disorients the enemies, and Vanish in Smoke helps your whole team become invisible thanks to the huge cloud of smoke. Nightstalkers have lots of tricks up their sleeves, and in Forsaken, invisibility even becomes their Super. However, for solo-players, this archetype is pretty nasty, as it has very specific skills, which are relevant and effective only in raids.


Warlock Class

Gul'dan has changed a lot over the summer

Warlocks are support characters. They are not only good healers but also can deal nice damage. All three warlock archetypes can buff and heal allies.


An archetype unlocked by default. The Rift grants various healing options, Glide works great with airborne attacks, and precise melee hits coupled with grenade abilities won’t let you down even if you’re staying out in the open. Forsaken’s Attunement of Grace introduces another Super with more buffs and healing skills. Dawnblade is a great option to get acquainted with this class but for further use, it is not very effective.


Voidwalker is notable for using special explosive grenades. The first passive ability will make these grenades deadlier by overcharging them, and the second one offers you some Devour mechanics. Consuming enemies and devouring grenade energy guarantees quick healing to be ready for another round. In D2 Forsaken, Nova Warp super was added. It makes you teleport and create massive explosions.


Lightning is our everything. For PvE, Stormcaller is the most appropriate option. Here we have electrocuting attacks with Chain Lightning ability, shockwaves from Landfall, and the Forsaken’s Chaos Reach super for some long-range arc damage. Hefty crowd damage coupled with nice healing abilities will do great in any party. Other abilities also provide faster recharging to be even more effective in combat.

Shadowkeep is expected to bring major changes to class abilities, and some classes will get buffed while others are about to undergo a couple of nerfs. For what it’s worth, we’re gonna keep you updated, so stay tuned and don’t forget to visit for some fresh and sweet D2 boosts.

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