Crucible pinnacle weapons guide. Part II


The best pinnacles come from Destiny 2 Crucible

There are so many pinnacles in Destiny 2 that we can talk about them endlessly. It is indeed an inexhaustible topic to discuss: quest completion tips, perks, loadouts, and that’s just the tip of an iceberg.

The astonishing variety of weaponry has always been a distinctive Destiny feature. If there is one thing all the fans love for sure, it’s how Bungie make their weapons, especially pinnacles and the ones that come from the Crucible in particular. Some of them have solidly established themselves in Destiny 2 Crucible meta and work perfectly for almost everybody, while the others are simply just a matter of taste but all of them without a single exception find their players.

It’s not a secret that all the best things come with a price. Crucible pinnacles are considered the ones of the highest quality, and they surely require some serious grinding. The obtaining quests include various tasks from handling Destiny 2 Crucible tournament and completing matches to landing a number of kills using a certain weapon class. Luckily for you, with our articles, you will know what to expect and will come prepared to face even the hardest challenges.

If you’ve been following our blog posts recently, you might have come across other pinnacles guides (if you haven’t you are more than welcome to check them: here are our Crucible Part I, Gambit, and Vanguard guides). Now as promised, we’re going to overview the last batch of Crucible pinnacles, so that you could decide which ones are worth to be grinded and which will remain unfarmed.


Redrix Broadsword: the lengthiest quest of Destiny 2 Crucible weapons

Redrix Broadsword is a twin of Season 3’s legend Redrix Claymore – the game’s first pinnacle. It was a hell of a grind to get Claymore, so Bungie decided to design its more accessible variant, which happened to be Destiny 2 Redrix Broadsword pulse rifle. The hotshot combo of Outlaw/Desperado perks provides you with an awesome experience of a buffed firing speed and a nice DPS.

How to get Redrix Broadsword? Well, here are nine steps, the last one being a simple visit to Shaxx to collect your reward. This is the list of your objectives:

  1. pulse rifles Crucible kills (200);
  2. earning Valor till you hit Heroic;
  3. earning Double Kill medals (75);
  4. pulse rifles headshot Crucible kills (150);
  5. Solar, Void, and Arc Crucible kills (50 for each type);
  6. completing Quickplay, Rumble, and Competitive matches (25 for each, 75 in total);
  7. completing Crucible Bounties (20);
  8. resetting Valor rank within one season (x5).

Then go to Shaxx and consider your Redrix Broadsword quest completed. As you can see, it’s not extremely hard, just long and demanding some hardcore PvP playing. However, when you finally get your hands on this gun, you can run it with Luna’s Howl or Sleeper Simulant and get a pretty deadly loadout.


Luna’s Howl is firmly rooted in Destiny 2 best Crucible weapons

Luna's Howl doesn’t need any introduction at all, ‘cause its reputation genuinely precedes it. Even despite having undergone a couple of nerfs, it is still an extremely powerful weapon that is unmatched as a hand cannon. With its 150 rounds per minute instead of the previous 180, Destiny 2 Luna's Howl has the TTK of 0,8 seconds, which is an absolute record-breaker compared to other HCs in the game. Magnificent Howl significantly contributes to its dominance: this perk gives an immense damage buff after you land two headshots.

How to get Luna ̀s Howl? Go to Shaxx and take a quest of six objectives, which include:

  1. completed Competitive matches (10);
  2. Competitive HC kills (150);
  3. Competitive Solar damage kills (200);
  4. completed Rumble matches(3);
  5. Competitive HC headshots (100);
  6. ranking up Glory till you reach Fabled.

After that, you’ll have to deal with one more Luna's Howl quest step: visit Shaxx again and grab your precious gun. Now you can dominate in the arena and by pairing your newly acquired LH with Outbreak Perfected or Wendigo it’s easy to perform decently in PvE as well.


Obtaining Not Forgotten can hit hard without a Destiny 2 boost

Not Forgotten is Luna’s Howl older brother. Sadly, it has not been spared the nerfs but the perks are still a big deal. Some of them are the same as Luna’s – stability and damage buffs, – and some are pretty one-of-a-kind, like tremendously increased range, which makes Destiny 2 Not Forgotten legitimately the most long-ranged hand cannon in D2. It is well-optimized for further distances and performs better than any other HC in landing consistent headshots.

At first blush, Not Forgotten quest seems fine and not lengthy at all, especially compared to the abovementioned ones. It has only two main objectives:

  1. landing five hundred kills with Luna’s Howl (yes, this gun is essential for the quest, so if you wanna get Not Forgotten, you might as well do that LH grind) in the Competitive;
  2. ranking up Glory till you hit Legend (the highest rank given for 5500 points).

Only two tasks for you to work on but oh man, hitting that Legend rank is a royal pain in the backside, so consider turning to a Destiny 2 carry.

If you ask us, our top list of D2 pinnacle must-haves includes Mountaintop, Wendigo GL3 (they, by the way, are now much easier to get thanks to the quests’ nerfs), Recluse and a sweet couple of Luna’s Howl and Not Forgotten. With this pack, you can easily handle almost any D2 activity and take down even the tankiest foes. All these weapons are available to purchase on, so if you have any trouble unlocking them, do not hesitate to use our aid.

Here our pinnacles guiding saga comes to an end. We hope it was useful and helped you improve your playstyle or loadout.

See you later, Guardian.

Happy weapon hunting!

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