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What’s up, Guardian? Still counting days till that new DLC is dropped? We can help you while away the time with our fresh overview of D2 pinnacles. Today we are gonna talk about one of the most challenging in-game activity that is both loved and feared and has every reason to be. You have probably figured that it’s the Crucible – the notorious Destiny 2’s PvP mode. Just like Vanguard and Gambit, it offers Guardians a perfect shot at earning the best pinnacles in the game, but to do so they need to do some serious grind.

If you wanna know how to obtain them and what loadout to run, we are happy to welcome you in the first part of our Crucible pinnacles guide. Let’s roll!


Destiny 2 Crucible in a nutshell

The Crucible is a dangerous place, which toughens you up, builds your character and tests your limits in every possible way. Being a player-versus-player activity, it requires competing against other Guardians and earning your reputation in a form of Glory and Valor ranks. Valor deals with progress mainly, and you can gain points for both winning and losing, the former just providing more points. There are six ranks: Guardian, Brave, Heroic, Fabled, Mythic, and Legend. To hit the max rank you need 1800 points, and when you reach the number of 2000 you can reset your rank and get rewards, which include powerful Destiny 2 Crucible gear and weapons.

While it’s all pretty simple with Valor, Glory is where the real problem lies. Ranks can be achieved only for matches in the Competitive, and every loss makes you lose points. The list of levels is the same, but each, in turn, is divided into three sublevels, and the higher the rank is the harder it gets to progress: the opponents are stronger, the amount of points you receive for winning is smaller. This places earning Glory ranks among the hardest Destiny 2 Crucible challenges. Fortunately, your efforts will be generously rewarded. You can hate it, you can adore it, but you can’t deny that the Crucible is a home for the most high-end items in the game and obtaining them is highly valued by Guardians.

And now when we have brushed up on how the arena works, we are glad to present you Destiny 2 best Crucible weapons, so let us not waste time and get down to it.


Revoker: a nice sniper rifle addition to your Destiny 2 weapons collection

Introduced in Season of Opulence, Revoker is a badass-looking sniper rifle, but unfortunately, the design is more thought-out than the stats. We are not saying that it's bad, but if you compare it to other Crucible pinnacles, it will noticeably lag behind. Of course, it has some nice perks – it wouldn’t have been a pinnacle if it hadn’t. Destiny 2 Revoker comes with a huge handling buff and reduced time for aiming. It also has quite a controversial perk, which gives you bullets back for every time you miss. Sounds nice, but on second thought, it’s weird ‘cause if you got Revoker in the first place it means you are a good sniper, and good snipers usually don’t miss. 'One shot, one kill,' as they say. Anyway, this perk exists and it works, so if you feel like missing the shots from time to time, it will be of good service.

As for Destiny 2 Revoker quest, you can take it up by talking to Lord Shaxx, and it’s primarily aimed at testing your sniper skills in the Crucible. Precision (50) and regular (300) sniper rifle kills plus a whole bunch of Glory points (3500) will grant you Revoker. For completing this pursuit, we recommend using Izanagi’s Burden or Beloved, as they have proved to be the most effective in the Crucible, but if you don’t have them, equip any other sniper rifle you feel comfortable with.

Possible loadouts include:

  1. Revoker + Riskrunner SMG + curated Doomsday GL;
  2. Revoker + Trust/Luna’s Howl/Not Forgotten HCs;
  3. Revoker + Recluse SMG.


Mountaintop: the king of Destiny 2 Crucible weapons

It’s safe to say that Destiny 2 Mountaintop has rightfully earned its place among the best weapons in D2. It rushed into the meta as soon as it made its first appearance in the Fifth Season and has been kicking butts left and right since then. The perks make it an ultimate raid boss-slayer and a solid PvP choice: it deals huge splash damage, it has super high projectile speed, and you can pop into your kinetic slot, freeing a place for something heavy.

In light of recent events, the questions about how to get Mountaintop Destiny 2 GL have been especially acute. For those of you who don’t know: the devs are nerfing some grenade launchers quests due to multiple players’ complaints to make the weapons more attainable. It won’t affect the characteristics, only the objectives, so Destiny 2 Mountaintop quest now includes 75 multikills and 25 medals instead of 200 and 100 respectively, and the same amount of 750 GL kills. For landing those we recommend Fighting Lion and Militia’s Birthright. By the way, if you want to learn more on GL nerfs, check out our article.

Pair your Mountaintop up with Recluse and Anarchy GL and just go ham, dealing massive boss damage and crushing your opponents with ease. You can also try it out with Swarm of the Raven. Warlocks might find Mountaintop + Transversive Steps/Lunafaction Boots combo quite effective, and for Hunters Tether in Mayhem is strongly recommended.


Recluse: the fastest killing machine in D2

There isn’t a single Guardian who hasn’t heard about Destiny 2 Recluse. Season 6’s treasure, this SMG has quickly become a legend for its insane TTK and a hefty damage buff for kills landed with any other weapon. It is absolutely, unbelievably good, and if you’re racking your brain over what grind to take up, you should definitely choose this one among the first.

So how to get Recluse Destiny 2 submachine gun? To be honest, that’s gonna be a challenge. No, a capital letter Challenge, ‘cause the road to obtaining this gun is sweaty and arduous. Of course, it’s nothing like the Not Forgotten quest (of which we’re gonna talk next time) but it’s still long and not always smooth. In spite of containing only two pretty linear objectives, Destiny 2 Recluse quest requires some solid Crucible mastery. You will have to keep winning the matches and get yourself a Fabled rank. If you are a skilled PvP player, it’s gonna be fine – pretty time-consuming but fine – and if playing the Crucible is not your strong suit… well, you’re gonna spend lotta painful hours proving Shaxx you’re worthy of his reward.

Try the following loadouts and shred to pieces everyone who stands in your way:

  1. Recluse + Bygones;
  2. Recluse + any sniper rifle you like;
  3. Recluse + Arbalest;
  4. Recluse + Ace of Spades.


Destiny 2 carry is your best shot at getting the pinnacles

Having been into the Destiny franchise since the first game release, we know perfectly well how hard it is to progress and obtain the best items. Weapon quests are getting harder and harder to compete with each season, and the raids' difficulty is growing exponentially, so if you are not a master of all trades, playing D2 can soon become less exciting and more tiresome. That’s why instead of quitting and losing hope in your success we suggest resorting to some alternative ways of dealing with the in-game hardships, which is, of course, a Destiny 2 boost from us.

Our experts will gladly carry you through any quest that seems too hard or too time-consuming for you. Our prices are more than affordable and our time frames for the most difficult challenges will surprise you in the most pleasant way. Follow the link to, check out our D2 pinnacle offers, and don’t forget to read our Vanguard and Gambit weapon guides in case you still haven’t – you might find a lot of useful stuff in there.

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