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Crucible of Storms – Worth it?


Welcome, warriors of Azeroth! Raiding in World of Warcraft always have been the most challenging part of high-end PvE content. This is the best way to test your skills and your equipment, but also this is the way to obtain some highest ilvl gear in the game at the moment.

As far as you may know, there’s new raid opened recently – Crucible of Storms. Some players don’t understand why this raid can even be useful – it hasn’t raised maximum ilvl, there’re only 2 bosses to defeat, and you can’t get a fullgear from this raid. We, team, are here to explain to you, why you have to visit this raid anyway.


Let’s start with the most common question – why this raid is even here? Because if we’re looking back at what we’ve mentioned before, there’s no much sense going there. You can’t get better items in terms of ilvl there, there’s no unique mount from the last boss, etc.

The raid itself is a link between two other raids – Battle of Dazar’alor and upcoming Azshara’s Eternal Palace. There’s a lot of lore going on as well, this part can take too much of your time if we start to explain. If you’re into the lore of World of Warcraft and the Old Gods, then you have to visit this raid for sure. It’ll tell a lot about the next raid.

But most of the players are interested in more common stuff. Well, first of all, even though this raid has only 2 boss encounters, it’s still very, very challenging. For example, it took 731 (1.5 weeks) attempts for a guild called “Pieces” to kill the last boss on Mythic difficulty. In contrast, previous final mythic boss, Jaina in Battle of Dazar’alor, went down after 346 attempts by “Method.” So, there definitely no worries about the difficulty of this raid.

But here’s another question – why would you try this hard, if there’s no good equipment or rewards out there? Well, actually there’s a lot of cool stuff to loot in this raid, and we’ll tell you about some of this in a second.


As we’ve mentioned before, you won’t find any equipment that will be higher than 425 ilvl, but these items are unique in terms of their looks and their abilities. For example, you can loot a unique trinket that can be switched on/off, and while it’s active, it will increase the power of your character but will drain some health every second. This is something we’ve never seen before, and these items are handy if you are wise with their usage. So, here’s few examples of unique Crucible of Storms loot:

  • Grips of Forsaken Sanityhands, mail armor – While above 90% health, your damaging abilities have a very high chance to deal 3455 Shadow damage to you and your target.
  • Harbinger’s Inscrutable Willtrinket - Your damaging abilities have a chance to launch an oblivion spear at your target, inflicting 18269 Shadow damage. On impact, the spear will shatter towards you. You will be silenced for 1.5 sec if struck.
  • Legplates of Unbound Anguishlegs, plate armor - If your target has a lower health percentage than you, your damaging abilities have a high chance to sacrifice 2490 of your health to deal [4980 * (1 + Versatility)] Shadow damage.
  • Mindthief’s Eldritch Claspwaist, plate armor - Falling below 25% health instantly restores [68841 * (1 + Versatility)] health. You then take 68841 Shadow damage over 10 sec. This effect can only occur once every 3 min.
  • Fa’thuul’s Floodguardslegs, mail armor - While above 90% health, your damaging abilities have a high chance to send a wave crashing down on your target dealing [5431 * (1 + Versatility)] Frost damage. While below 90% health, your damaging abilities have a high chance to restore [8133 * (1 + Versatility)] health.

So, you’ve got the idea. All of these unique perks of mentioned equipment represents the Old Gods. But most importantly, any of this equipment can become really threatening if used properly. The main thing you have to be careful about is the negative part of the effects. For example, if you’re going to damage yourself by using one of these perks, then you have to think about how to heal yourself or how to kill your enemy even faster. These perks will make your thoughts more strategic.


Now it’s time for some tips if you’ve decided to complete Crucible of Storms by yourself (which is not necessary, because you can order WoW Crucible of Storms carry from us) and you definitely will need some. As we’ve mentioned before, Crucible of Storms is a tough challenge to complete even though it has only 2 boss encounters. We won’t discuss any tactics here, but you still can get some useful information.

To start out, let’s check the “Pieces” raid layout, which helped them to get the world first completion of Mythic Crucible of the Storms:

  • 2 tanks– Brewmaster Monks
  • 3 healers - Discipline Priest, Restoration Druid, and Holy Paladin
  • 1 melee DPS – Demon Hunter
  • 14 ranged DPS – 5 Elemental Shamans, 4 Affliction Warlocks, 2 Shadow Priests, 2 Balance Druids, and 1 Fire Mage

Tanks and healers choice is not as crucial as DPS classes pattern in this raid. “Pieces” had 1 Demon Hunter to use the Chaos Brand – 5% target magic damage taken debuff. Tons of ranged DPS classes are needed due to the presence of multiple targets at the same time during a grand part of the encounters. More then that, these targets are usually spread, due to different mechanics, so it’s better for you to have some class with spread target cleave.

But, if you don’t have a guild to carry you through the raid on higher difficulties (and this is very hard, trust us) then probably you won’t be able to complete it at all. And this is exactly what we can help you with. If you’re struggling with something – just get yourself a Crucible of Storms raid boost.


This is not a secret – raid boosting is a very common thing nowadays. Raiding takes a lot of time, not to mention the time spent to prepare your character for the raid. We can provide a WoW Crucible of Storms carry on any difficulty.

As we’ve shown you before, this raid is 100% worth to visit even if your character already has high ilvl. We can also help you in deciding, which Crucible of Storms boost you need the most:

  • Crucible of Storms Normal boost – this is a perfect option if you don’t want to dive deep into it. This will still provide you any of unique items, the only drawback here is not the highest ilvl of the loot, which is totally fine if you’re not going to raiding by yourself.
  • Crucible of Storms Heroic boost– this one is a golden mean. This will provide you a higher ilvl gear which then will allow you to visit mythic difficulty without any trouble in terms of your equipment.
  • Crucible of Storms Mythic boost – well, that’s the top of the mountain. Highest ilvl gear in the game at the moment, which will prepare you for the next raid, Azshara’s Eternal Palace. Not to mention all cool achievements for clearing the latest raid on mythic difficulty before the release of the next raid tier (ahead of the curve).

As you can see, you even have some options in terms of Crucible of Storms boost. Choose them wisely. As wisely as you should use unique items from this raid.


Crucible of Storms is a crucial raid with great rewards waiting for those who will complete it. This is something we’ve been given to prepare ourselves for the Azshara’s Eternal Palace, which will be a massive raid, just like a Battle of Dazar’alor.

We highly recommend visiting this raid with your guild or by our Crucible of Storms raid carry services, which you can find below this article.

Until next time.

Don’t trust the Old Gods.


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