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Welcome, dear friend! If you’ve visited this article, then you probably have some Destiny 2 gamer(s) in your life, and there’s some celebration coming, but you’ve run out of gift ideas. Buying a gift for a gamer isn’t easy after all.

If you don’t want to make some boring gift, or you’re afraid of being mistaken in your choice - and that’s easy to do if you’re not a gamer yourself. Buying a new keyboard/mouse/gamepad or any other peripherals - can be not comfortable to use for your gamer or it won’t match to his/her taste. What if you present a game? Well, if he/she already has something to play on regular bases, then it won’t be easy to hop into another game all of a sudden, and by the way, this is a matter of taste as well. Money - that’s way too simple and not so pleasant to get. And this is where we, team, come in. We are the experts in this question, and we are ready to help you with making a present for the gamer! This is our ultimate guide on how to buy a gift for a gamer.


Destiny 2 is a quite exciting game - there’s a lot of different activities for solo players or teams. We will start with the most popular Destiny 2 activities and find out, which gift for a gamer is best to get in your situation, what will bring real joy to his/her gaming life.

Let’s start with the most common thing called “Crucible”. It is a part of a game where players (Guardians) are fighting each other in a team of 4 or 6 - that’s quite simple on that end.

It never gets outdated, and it’s the unstoppable race to the top - some players aren’t leaving the Crucible for months! As you may think, there are some tasty rewards for reaching various heights in the Crucible, but it’s almost impossible to make it that high without a team.

Do you hear your gamer yelling some weird words while playing Destiny 2? "Noob", "Team shot", "Not Forgotten"? He is playing in the Crucible! More DPS, res me please, don’t stand there? It sounds more like a Raid content, but we’ll touch on that later. Anyway, if you’re looking for a way to save some nerve cells and a giant amount of time for your gamer - we can offer you almost any possible Destiny 2 boosting. This will make him/her much more successful and happier in Crucible for sure!


altSeason 6 Meta bundle - the most significant weapon bundle for any guardian (1 free weapon included), which is currently in META (most effective tactic available) which will give the considerable performance boost in any Crucible game mode. These weapons have the most robust stats in the game - this bundle includes a unique-shooting grenade launcher (more like a mini rocket launcher), which will blow up an enemy in 1 hit, the most powerful submachine gun and one of the most reliable revolvers of the Destiny 2. It is a universal gift for a Destiny 2 gamer.

altLuna’s Howl - if your gamer isn’t that hard on the Crucible, this weapon could be the solution - it’s the revolver from the first bundle, which is still one of the best weapons for slaying other guardians. Luna’s Howl brings fear to the hearts of enemies and is a “must-have” item for entering the serious Crucible gameplay. Buy Destiny 2 Luna’s Howl boost, and it will be a great present with a 100% guarantee!

altNot Forgotten - that’s some serious business right here. This revolver is a completed version of Luna’s Howl - the best gun for the Crucible. It is a reward upon achieving the highest rank in the Crucible - and this is just an unbearable challenge almost for everybody. Buy Destiny 2 Not Forgotten boost and give your gamer the weapon of his dreams for all times.

alt But, Crucible is not the only high-level activity, which is always available - there’s also Raids! Raid is different from the Crucible - a team of 6 guardians is fighting the strongest in-game enemies, called Raid Bosses. To defeat any Raid Boss gamer need to have a well-equipped and well-trained team, which is hard to find. It is a very time-consuming activity. Quite easy to leave 4+ hours there. Raid completion will award gamer with some fantastic equipment.

alt If your gamer is more into raids, we can complete all 4 Raids for him. Buy Destiny 2 4 Raids carry! Just finishing the Raid is already an achievement, besides the chance of getting the greatest loot, including exotic weapons, which is available only in raids. Such items are rare and come in handy in Raids and Crucible as well!

If you haven’t found out what your gamer preferences are, or you don’t want to buy some specific Destiny 2 boost, 5000 GGR silver pack is the solution. You can present a GGR pack, and a gamer will choose the exact service he/she needs the most. It works with any game on our site, not Destiny 2 alone, so this is the ultimate choice if you’re looking for the 100% useful gift.


One last thing to mention - our services are 100% safe. All of the services that we provide are made by the hands of the professionals. The account of your gamer won’t issue any troubles. Even more than that - he/she can watch the whole boosting process via stream, that we are able to provide.

If you have any questions left, you can always use our 24/7 online chat - we’re always ready and happy to help you!

Now you know one more way to make a gamer happy for any of your celebrations. We gave you plenty of ideas of gifts for a gamer, so use them wisely.

Thank you for coming!

See you next time.


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