Becoming Flawless in Trials of Osiris: 9 Tips for Easy Wins


An undoubtedly smashing hit of the first Destiny game, Trials of Osiris has made a massive comeback in Season of the Worthy. Intense fights, sweaty players, and tons of fun are waiting for you in this incredible 3x3 PvP mode, not to mention all sorts of juicy rewards that drop in abundance, especially if you go Flawless.

This PvP mode welcomes all players above lvl 960. It’s a true pinnacle challenge with generous rewards, and the better you perform, the richer you are by the end of it. A Flawless completion is, in fact, a winning streak of seven victories in a row. A 7-0 score will grant you access to the Lighthouse, providing you with a chance to earn exclusive weapons, armor pieces, a unique Sparrow, Ghost shell, and a gorgeous armor glow to shine bright like a diamond.

However, the main problem is that the difficulty level here is way, way above average. The Crucible matches and even hitting Legend is a lot easier than Trials (that’s probably why they carry the name that they do, right?), and without a well-knit, skilled team, going Flawless is near impossible. But hey, those hopes up, Guardian. We’ve come up with a list of tips that will make your Trials experience more pleasure than pain. Without further ado, let’s get into it.

1. Get your head into the game

It might sound obvious, but some players still don’t realize how fast-paced and unforgiving Trials of Osiris are. If you like listening to music or grabbing a snack while playing, then please stop. You need to focus entirely on the game and pay attention to everything that’s happening during the match. Call everything out. If you see an enemy Guardian changing their weapon or running in a certain direction, call that out to your team. Not everyone sees what you see, so be your teammates’ eyes and ears all the time and coordinate your actions because information is key to getting those wins and paving your way to a Flawless completion.

2. Build the best loadout

Keep your loadout diverse. If all your teammates are using just shotties or snipers, you will never get an upper hand, and the enemy squad will always dominate, no matter how well you play. Try to use a familiar loadout you’re good with but also don’t ignore the Trials’ meta. Here are some proven-to-be-good recommendations from our pro players:

  • Handguns (Not Forgotten, Spare Rations);
  • Shotguns, especially Aggressive Frame ones (Mindbenders Ambition, Dust Rock Blues);
  • Auto Rifles (Hard Light, Suros Regime);
  • Sniper Rifles (Revoker, Beloved).

Keep an eye on your enemy’s loadouts as well. If most of them are sniping, don’t let yourselves be out in the open playing aggressively, and if they are mostly using shotguns, consider a more passive playstyle. Use your enemy’s weakness to your advantage and remember that loadouts matter. A lot.

3. Use PvP-focused armor mods

Well, they are PvP-focused for a reason, right? Put aside your PvE go-to’s for a while, they won’t do you any good in Trials. Most players don’t take this mod system very seriously and pay a hefty price, because when you go for that 7-0 streak, every tiny little detail matters.

4. Level up

Your power level is super important. Every single Light level you can squeeze into your gear score is vital. Trust us, even one Light level can make a difference and end up being the only thing tipping the balance towards your victory.

5. Make the most of a Pick

If your team manages to get the first kill, it can give you a massive advantage. It’s time to play aggressively, become an animal, even if you’re not really into that. Once you shed that first blood, making it 2x3 instead of 3x3, don’t get scared, and don’t wait until the enemy revives their downed teammate, push them! You have a perfect chance to keep this advantage, which, in turn, is very likely to help you get the win. And if your teammate is unlucky enough to get picked off, then switch to a defensive playstyle so as to not let the enemy team outnumber you.

6. Keep an eye out for the downed enemies

This is pretty simple. After taking someone down, don’t push your whole team to chase the remaining enemies. Leave someone behind to sort of guard the enemy Ghost so that their teammates won’t get that revive, so that all of your efforts don’t end up in vain. It doesn’t mean you have to just sit next to the enemy body and do nothing. You can and you have to move around, but just keep this thought in the back of your mind and loop around from time to time to not let your opponents get their teammate back up.

7. Use your abilities

Guardian superpowers are given to you for a reason. Destiny 2 is not your regular realistic shooter, it heavily relies on that class ability part, so don’t be afraid to utilize it. Rift to help your teammate out, build up Titan defenses, throw grenades, and do not just restrict yourself to just shooting.

8. Use your Passages

Saint XIV can give you a bunch of Passages, the two most important being Mercy and Ferocity. Mercy forgives you one match loss, and Ferocity adds a bonus win to your three-match winning streak. The latter is great, but it doesn’t always work out if you lose your fifth or further match, while Mercy is an absolute must all the time. Facing a badass god-tier team is a very likely scenario in Trials, and the only thing that can help you go Flawless might be that Passage of Mercy. Do not underestimate it. Even if you don’t use it eventually and slice through all seven rounds without a single loss, it’s still a good thing to keep stashed. It’s like when you bring an umbrella, but it doesn't rain. Better be safe than sorry, am I right? I am.

9. Strategize and communicate with your team

It goes without saying that teamwork is key in every PvP match. You should always think of yourself as a part of the team rather than a solo player. You are a whole, you need to coordinate your actions and help each other out. Assign roles, think about your loadouts, discuss the most probable scenarios. If you see that your teammate has a better chance and position to make that first kill, then let them take it. Don’t be the one to do all the work because there are three of you and everyone needs to play their crucial part.

And that’s pretty much it guys. Hopefully, you’ve picked up a couple of things to improve your Trials winrate. If you happen to not have a reliable team but still want to reach the Lighthouse, you can try our LFG service and play with seasoned Destiny 2 vets. Matches get sweatier and more intense the closer you are to the top, and without a good premade fireteam, you are probably destined to perish. However, with Legionfarm experts by your side, you’ll defeat any sweaty god-tier team that’ll come your way and reap the most magnificent Trials rewards in no time. Following our tips and teaming up with our experts, you’re sure to go Flawless with ease and learn to play like a pro, leaving all your opponents far behind in the dust.

Legionfarm is here to make sure you succeed, so hurry up to get to the top before that weekly reset!

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