Are Destiny 2’s grenade launchers really gonna be nerfed?


Nerfs are not unfamiliar to Destiny 2: the way Luna’s Howl and Not Forgotten have been treated is still fresh in our minds, and now Bungie is determined to unleash the next, more large-scale round of changes. This time, it's the grenade launchers' turn. But do not be so quick to judge, Guardian, it is not as upsetting as it might sound at first. In fact, it’s the exact opposite of upsetting. You’ve probably got confused already, so let us figure those nerfs out together.


What fate befalls Destiny 2’s grenade launchers?

All of us can take a deep breath now, no stats are gonna be nerfed. It was officially confirmed by Bungie community manager who goes by the nickname of “dmg04” on Twitter. It turns out that this time they have decided to take another path and instead of making the weapons weaker aimed at making them more reachable and easier to obtain.

Changes have affected Destiny 2 Mountaintop and Wendigo quests. Here we are going to review what’s been modified in their quest objectives, so if you still haven’t got these GLs, now it’s a perfect time for that grind ‘cause the odds are definitely in your favor.


Mountaintop quest nerfs

Obtaining Mountaintop has been giving Guardians nightmares for quite a while as it’s deservedly considered to be a truly hellish task to venture through. The upcoming D2 update is going to put an end to this terror. Of course, we shouldn’t expect it to be a walk in the park, ‘cause, well, it’s still a pinnacle and you’ll still have to sweat a bit to get your hands on it, but those insane, almost impossible requirements are being substantially lowered.

So how to get Mountaintop in Destiny 2 after the nerf?

First of all, instead of a mind-boggling amount of 200 multikills, now you have to land only 75. Hallelujah!

Secondly, the amount of medals has also been cut down and now has become four times less than it used to be before. 25 instead of one freaking hundred. A quarter of the initial number! Hallelujah [2]!

Thirdly, more points are gonna be granted for the Competitive activities, which makes that exhausting climb tangibly shorter. Hallelujah [3]!

Though do not get your hopes too high, ‘cause Destiny 2 Mountaintop quest surely continues to be quite a piece of work but now the grind is way less terrifying.


Wendigo GL3 quest nerfs

The next patch blesses us with a bunch of indulgences concerning Wendigo GL3 as well. Compared to getting the Mountaintop, which truly seemed like the circles of hell, it has always been relatively less demanding but still requiring some tiresome grind. With the upcoming tweaks, obtaining Destiny 2 Wendigo GL3 is gonna need half the time you spent on it before as GL final blows and multikills are about to grant you a lot more progress.

So what is Wendigo GL3 farm going to include now? Well, in their very nature, the objectives remain the same, only the progress distribution has undergone some drastic changes, becoming more generous. And on top of that, Bungie finally got rid of that nasty Death Penalty thing that made you lose progress if you died during the last mission completion (which required earning points in Strikes).


What’s the reason behind this nerfing?

For those who are still having doubts on the GLs’ powers nerfs, we will say it one more time to allay all the fears once and for all: nothing will change in Wendigo or Mountaintop stats. Only the quests are being nerfed, all the rest remains intact. For now, Destiny 2 grenade launcher is still a lethal tool, and in Shadowkeep it’s gonna stay the same way.

Rumor has it that Bungie made up their minds to lower the bar following the players’ feedback. There has been a truckload of complaints about those weapon quests being unbearably arduous and quite infamous for a very low completion rate. The D2 gamers community discontent has nudged the devs to make the GL quests more attainable. They have finally realized that not every Guardian can boast of exquisite GL skills or impeccable PvP prowess, but such beats as Wendigo GL3 and Mountaintop are still required to keep up with the current D2 meta. Very merciful of you, Bungie, we all are very grateful (and we are not being sarcastic, the gratefulness is real as hell).

So if you have been putting those GL weapon quests off because of their excruciating difficulty, it looks like now the Universe is giving you a sign by making Season of Undying perfect for getting Destiny 2 best grenade launchers. The way now is less thorny but if you still feel like you are not up for the challenge, we are always ready to lend a helping hand. Check our best GL offers on and get ready to meet new D2 season activities fully armed.

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