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An extensive guide to Paladin in WoW Classic



Everybody loves to hate Paladins. Arguably, the strongest healers in the game with the ability to wear plate armor and wield a shield, making them sturdy as hell and much less vulnerable than a Priest would when it comes to taking hits. Overall if you want your character to be able to use a big weapon or a one-handed weapon plus shield, be equally proficient at casting spells and close combat at the same time and be able to heal yourself and your friends, then Paladin is your choice. This class represents a truly heroic figure in the world of Azeroth. Paladins also get a free mount on lvl 40, so they don’t have to spend gold on it like the other classes. This gives you more freedom while leveling to spend on spell rings and professions. The leveling process is boring, but that’s the other kind of boring compared to Warrior. Paladins rely a lot on their auto-attacks, so there is little involvement of the player himself in the process. So, you should expect a slow but steady experience. Here are a few tips if you decide to go with the Paladin. If you want to level up faster find a group, otherwise, just enjoy the slow pacing. The Class quests for Paladins are available on levels 12 and 20. If you’ve reached lvl 50, find a list of pre-raid gear and learn how to get it. Some dungeons can be visited, before achieving max level. This is a good way to get lots of XP and equipment.


Tourist guide to best leveling locations

There are some locations that offer faster and easier leveling experience. This list will give you some idea of where you might want to go to do quests. You might notice, that this list is suited for most classes, and that’s totally fine. After all, classes share quests. Paladins are exclusive to Alliance faction, so there won’t be any Horde zones here.

  • Darkshore – Once a beautiful and thriving place, this location is now filled with forested ruins. You can start your adventures here after you reach level 10 or 11.
  • Loch Modan – available to players of the same level as the Darkshore, this location is populated with dwarves. Fewer quests here, however, leveling here is as good.
  • Westfall - Once a fertile land for farming, it has become a criminal band’s hideout. Don’t miss it.
  • Redridge Mountains – a flourish and peaceful location, but with fewer quests compared to other zones.
  • Duskwood – a forest that’s always covered in a dark fog and inhabited by the undead is a must for any respected Paladin.
  • Wetlands – being a swampy location this is the last territory controlled solely by the Alliance.

Contested territories:

  • Hillsbrad Foothills – one of the first locations where you might experience some backstabbing coming from a player of the other side of the conflict.
  • Ashenvale – settlements here are controlled by the Night Elves, but the Horde is present as well.
  • Thousand Needles – home to one of the best trinkets in the game
  • Stranglethorn Vale – welcome to the rice fields. This zone is a vicious bloodbath, but there are a lot of quests. This zone will remain relevant throughout all Vanilla
  • Desolace – has a hidden quest chain that will give you a lot of XP. If you struggle to level up, seek the quest that starts this chain.
  • Arathi Highlands – has some awesome unique loot and rare mobs like Singer, Kovork, and others.
  • Badlands – as the name implies, this is a desert-like location with simple quests.
  • Tanaris – a massive location, intended for players with level 40-50 it has a plethora of quests also hosts a dungeon.
  • Feralas – this green forest hides lots of dangers. It’s connected to Thousand Needles.
  • Searing Gorge – this zone is locked behind a gate to which you will need to find a key.
  • Burning Steppes - is a rocky area filled with scarps and cliffs, and as unforgiving as the zone is, it functions as one of the only roads that join Stormwind with the dwarven realm of Khaz Modan.
  • Desecrated Forest – being cursed by the Skull of Gul’dan this ancient place holds many opportunities for leveling.
  • Un’goro Crater – an isolated patch of jungles with many weird mobs and quests.
  • Western Plaguelands – is a very lore centric zone, where a lot of important events happened that affected the world.
  • Eastern Plaguelands – is another legendary location where Arthas turned to the dark side trying to do the good thing.
  • Winter keys – this zone has a very relaxing music theme, but it’s not the only reason for visiting it. This could be the place where you hit that long-anticipated max level.

What kind of hero are you?

Similarly to other classes, Paladin has 3 vastly different specs. One of the best sides of Classic and Vanilla is that classes and their specs really make a difference. Paladins can fulfill all roles in a party and thus cover the group content solo. The best way to start is to use the Holy skill tree and then switch to Retribution. The talents will allow you to use auto-attacks to kill mobs, while still retaining the abilities to support your allies. The key to success is to start from the Holy spec and then on lvl 22 switch to Ret. It gives you some survivability if you play on the PvP server and have to deal with other players from time to time. You start your way as a Paladin by unlocking Divine Strength. Hit for a small amount of additional Holy damage with Seal of Righteousness and it’s Improved version. Spend some points on Improved Blessing of Might and you’ll get a decent start. With these talents, your Pally will survive long enough to get to the level when you start spending points on Ret skill tree. On level 22, start by getting the Improved Blessing of Might, which is a great talent in solo or in groups. To parry more often take Deflection. Finally, acquire Seal of Command that gives a chance on hit based on his weapon speed to proc additional holy damage. It works in a sense that the slower your weapon is the harder it is to proc this seal. You will be using it to level up further. Purchase Pursuit of Justice too, to increase the movement speed. Now, up to level 60, you will be spending your points on talents from the Ret tree. As a matter of fact, invest several points on accessing and upgrading Conviction. If you’re on a PvP server, you might also consider taking the Eye for an Eye spell. To start hitting harder, take two talents Sanctity Aura and Two-Handed Weapon Specialization. Before you reach lvl 40, unlock Vengeance that gives you more damage if you proc a crit. One more useful in PvP talent is Repentance, do unlock it. You will need to spend some hard-earned points on the Prot spec. Most importantly buy Improved Devotion Aura, you will also need to unlock Precision and Guardian’s Favor. In Holy, invest points into more Divine Strength and finally, spend the last 5 points on Divine Intellect. Now your build is complete and you’ve reached level 60.

Strike down your foes

You will be using Seal of Righteousness a lot on early levels, so keep upgrading it. On level 12, you will need to get Blessing of Might. Level 18 will be interesting for you, as you will need to upgrade the Seal of Righteousness and obtain Blessings of Freedom and Wisdom. Keep upgrading Blessing of Might and Seal of Command for that sweet extra damage. On level 40 learn the spell called Summon Warhorse. Moreover, from this point forward, you will be able to use plate armor. Learn Divine Shield, a protective aura that will save you In a lot of situations. On level 42 you will get another new ability called Cleanse that will remove some debuffs from your friends or yourself. Assuming that you keep upgrading your Seals and Divine Shield, on level 50 you may also get Hammer of Wrath. Here you will stop learning new stuff, so on levels 52 to 60, you don’t have to visit the trainer. But if you happen to be in town, you might as well unlock Greater Blessing of Might. In fights, you will be using your seals to deal more damage and apply auras on yourself to get more protection or buff your damage. You gonna want to use Judgement a lot, despite the fact that it costs a lot of mana. Blessings are signature spells of Paladins, use one of them to increase the melee damage of an allied target and always keep them rotating. There are some utility skills that Paladins can use, in addition to auto-attacking. Things like Hammer of Justice or Divine shield will make the fight more interesting to watch and will lead to a faster kill.


Weapons and Gear

By default, Paladins can use only Two-Handed and One-Handed Maces. For anything else, they will need to visit a trainer. Your weapon is the most important tool in your arsenal, the more powerful it is, the stronger your character will be. You can buy some nice weapons in starting locations. Wooden Mallet can be bought from Corina Steele. She can be found in Elwynn Forest. Some great weapons can be obtained as a reward for completing quests. Plan your questing route to include valuable rewards. You can always go to Dungeons and get even better loot. For instance, Bonebiter from Scarlet Monastery. If you want to use axes and learned the skill for it, there are some great ones like Gatorbite Axe. When you look for new gear, the priority of stats should be as follows:

  • Hit Chance (to 9%);
  • Strength;
  • Agility/Crit Chance;
  • Attack Power;
  • Spell Power;
  • Stamina;
  • Intellect.

Class-specific quests

Every class in WoW Classic has the unique quests that unlock their iconic abilities or grant them weapons and other useful items. For paladin these items areRedemption – is an ability that allows Paladins to revive other players with some amount of health.Verigan’s Fist – this is a very powerful mace.Sense Undead – the unique skill that displays all undead creatures on the minimap those who are close to Paladin.Summon Warhorse – the first free mount that Paladins learn to summonSummon Charger – another horse that Paladin will be able to call on level 60.Professions and DungeonsSimilar to Warriors, Paladins can benefit from learning Blacksmithing. However, it all depends on your chosen spec. That being said, DPS specs prefer to learn Engineering to get access to more utility items.If you want to level up in dungeons, be mindful of the 5-second rule. This is a mechanic in the game which means that after you cast a spell, the mana won’t regenerate for 5 seconds. Another thing to keep in mind is to always bring enough food. Despite your healing abilities, every character in the game should have some other means for healing.



Despite a bunch of negativity about Paladins as people say they do terrible DPS, this class is truly a unique and powerful class. A lot of characters from the lore are paladins too. Uther the Lightbringer, Tirion Fordring, Arthas Menethil and even Maximillian of Northshire all are very powerful individuals. The true strength of the Paladin lies in its ability to enable classes rather than shine himself. A true reflection of the selfless archetype this class represents. Blessing of Freedom allows Warriors to run rampant and Improved Concentration is a large boon to casters. Paladins even brought a ten-yard, six seconds stun with Hammer of Justice, which can be brought down to 45 seconds through talents. Paladins have also some of the most iconic sets in the game. The first tier sets are always among the most favorite appearances for Paladins, nearly 15 years later. Lawbrigner and Redemption sets are good, but the Judgement set must be one of the most commonly rocked transmogs in retail WoW. Anyway, this class is more suited for playing in a group as his job is to give away buffs and auras. You’re very much wanted in a raid, you just need to understand why. They are more niche class. It’s an attractive class fantasy combined with the Alliance exclusivity makes the Paladin a frequent sight

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