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An ample guide to Hunter in WoW Classic



Why do hunters get smashed in bars? Because they're always multi-shotting. Welcome to a new guide in our series. This time, we’re going to talk about one of the coolest classes in the game – hunters. In short, these guys have pet companions that they actively use in combat. But these creatures are not just another set of skills, they actually need to be taken care of on a regular basis. Treat them well, and they’ll do more damage, ignore them – they will run away. Every beast has his own favorite food, they behave and, of course, look differently. Some other classes have pets too, but none of them require their owners to be so involved in their well-being.

Important notes on lvling

If you want to lvl up your hunter as fast as possible, here is what you need to know.Do the class quest for pet summoning skill as soon as possible. This class needs his pet, without them, they’re just worthlessIf you’re in a town, stock up the ammo depending on the type of weapon you’re using – bullets for guns and arrows for crossbows. Also, get more food for your pet. Keep your companion happy so that he would deal more damage.Save gold to get your first mount on lvl 40 and then another one on 60.If you’re lvl 50, search for a list of pre-raiding gear, where to find the pieces. Some dungeons can be visited on lower than max level. This way you’re not only getting XP but gear as well.


Where to lvl up as a hunter

For the Alliance

  • Levels 11-19 – one of several locations for you to go after you competed the starting zone Darkshore
  • Levels 10-18 – kind of hilly, foresty location this Loch Modan
  • Levels 9-18 – you could actually put down roots in Westfall
  • Levels 15-25 – another pretty peaceful place. If you like Autumn go to Redridge Mountains
  • Levels 10-30 – oooh, gloomy Duskwood
  • Levels 20-30 – no nice tan for you in Wetlands

For Horde

  • Levels 10-33 – this is where the best Chuck Norris jokes are made – Barrens.
  • Levels 10-20 – such a creepy place this Silverpine Forest
  • Levels 15-25 – pretty polluted air in Stonetalon Mountains

For all factions

  • Levels 20-31 – venture to Hillsbrad Foothills, it's not like anyone is going to stop you there
  • Levels 19-30 – pointy ear, purple hair, Ashenvale. You know who we’re talking about
  • Levels 24-35 – there is no need to be afraid of heights in Thousand Needles
  • Levels 30-50 – more forests for the god of forests Stranglethorn Vale
  • Levels 30-39 – actually Desolace has a rich past.
  • Levels 30-40 – you can look down in Arathi Highlands, but what’s the point?
  • Levels 36-45 – I'm running out of weird jokes here. In the meantime, visit Badlands.
  • Levels 40-50 – spend a romantic date in Tanaris
  • Levels 41-60 – there is no limit to ancient ruins and deep forests, welcome to Feralas
  • Levels 43-56 – reminds you of Mordor this Searing Gorge, doesn’t it?
  • Levels 50-59 – there’s no free real estate in Burning Steppes
  • Levels 47-54 – green trees and water in Felwood
  • Levels 48-55 – it looks like Un’Goro Crater is the perfect set for Jurassic Park
  • Levels 46-57 – one of the twins, Western Plaguelands looks less dead than its brother
  • Levels 54-59 – you look at Eastern Plaguelands and think – man, can I eat those mushrooms?
  • Levels 55-60 – when you come to Winterspring you’ll feel chill and relief.

A very talented tamer

The most reliable spec for lvling is without a doubt the Beast Mastery. It’s also great for open-world PvP and first raids because it doesn’t require high lvl equipment. Your pet deals most of the dmg between you two. Assuming that it has certain talents, a pet can solo kill enemy players and some mobs. Isn’t that awesome? Depending on your pet, it would be advantageous to adapt the build to maximize its efficiency. For instance:Frenzy – every lvl of this talent rises the chance of proc of this effect. Since the speed of attacks doesn’t change, the 5th rank ain’t important. Broken tooth, taken the 4th lvl of Frenzy, this effect will be applied throughout the whole fight. If your pet attacks too slowly, get that 5th rank.Improved Mend Pet – a situational talent, most hunters don’t use it at all. If your pet gets dumped too often, the is no harm in learning this talent. Improved Concussive Shot or Efficiency – these two are at the start of the Marksmanship tree. Depending on what companion you chose, you could take either of them. If your party members have the bad gear and you’re not planning to engage in PvP battles, take Efficiency. If you’re with those who equal you in gear and you’re more likely to take part in killing one or two noobs, get Improved Concussive Shot that gives +20% to stun the target.

Standard build for tamers

Let’s go. Tier 1. First 5 point goes to the Improved Aspect of the Hawk. Its going to make an impact on your lvling. Tier 2 – 3 points in Thick Hide and 2 more in Improved Revive Pet. In any order. Tier 3 contains crucial talents that will increase your movement speed and simplify the lvling. Invest 2 points in Pathfinding, then take Bestial Swiftness and put 2 points into Unleashed Fury. On the next tier, you can take talents in any order. We recommend you to begin with 3 points in Unleashed Fury and finish up with 2 points in Ferocity. Tier 5 – put 5 points into Intimidation. This is a great talent for PvP. Afterward, grab 5th lvl of Ferocity. Then 5 points in Spirit Bond. Tier 6 invest 5 points to upgrade your pet with Frenzy. Moving on to Tier 7, lvl 40, grab Bestial Wrath. An awesome cooldown, that allows your pet to deal huge damage and avoid control spells. You’re going to switch to Marksmanship on Tier 8, where you will put 5 points into Improved Concussion Shot. On Tier 9 grab lvl 5 of Lethal Shots to increase your critical hits. For Tier 10 closer to lvl 60 the order of talents becomes less important. Grab Aimed shot plus Hawk Eye. The remaining point invests into the talent of the 1st lvl which you skipped earlier. In our case, that’s Improved Concussive Shot. Tier 11 – The last 5 points need to be spent on Mortal Shots.


A set of particular skills

1-10 levels, purchase everything that’s available. As you keep lvling up always buy newer ranks of Arcane Shot and, following the joke from the intro, Multi-Shot. Not to mention, you’re getting your starting little buddy on lvl 10 and unlock Aspect of the Hawk. Let’s move on to lvl 12. learn an extra rank of Arcane Shot, plus Wing Clip coupled with Mend Pet. On lvl 18 you should get another lvl of Aspect of the Hawk plus the first lvl of Multi-shot. If you want, you can improve the Serpent Sting and acquire the initial lvl of Immolation Trap. Next, on lvl 20, get the Aspect of Cheetah. Also, grab further ranks of Arcane Shot, Mend Pet as well as Freezing Trap along the way. You don’t have to come back to town on lvl 26, but if you decide two, you might as well grab additional lvls of Rapid Fire and Serpent Sting. When lvl 28 comes around, it’ll be the right occasion to boost Aspect of the Hawk in pair with Arcane Shot. 2 lvls later your hunter gets access to Feign Death and new upgrade of Arcane, you guessed it, Shot. Between lvls 34 and 38 you get increased ranks of Arcane Shot, Aspect of the Hawk, Immolation Trap and Serpent Sting, which you should buy. Be that as it may, if you’re running low on coins, you can just leave them. You’re probably going to return into town for a mount on lvl 40. It’s a good opportunity to visit your trainer too. Buy Aspect of the Pack and learn the ability to carry Mail armor. Lvl 42 grants you access to ranks of Multi-Shot and Serpent Sting, on 44 you’re getting a new rank of Arcane Shot. Get them if you got enough gold. Up next, on lvl 48 you’re getting new lvl of Aspect of the Hawk and on lvl 50 – Serpent Sting. Starting from lvl 52 you can stop unlocking talents at all and just conclude your lvling. But if you want, here is what’s left to purchase – Arcane Shot on lvl 52, Multi-Shot on 54 and Aspect of the Hawk on 58.

Who bites first?

Just like we said before, your pet does most of the fighting in your name. The abilities of your companion are needed to be upgraded just like yours. More on that later. Besides that, hunters usually use Auto Shot. Therefore, you’re going to need a good ranged weapon and a stock of ammo that suits your chosen weapon type. If circumstances allow you to stand in one position, use the Aspect of the Hawk and attack from afar. When moving between zones use the Aspect of the Cheetah. Use Arcane Shot as recurrently as possible. Remember that this spell costs mana. Multi-shot hits 3 targets, still utilize it in spite of how many foes are surrounding you, on cooldown. Hunters will also need to adopt Bestial Wrath from Beast Mastery tree and Rapid Fire that unlocks on lvl 26. These skills significantly increase the dmg output and speed up the grinding. If your enemy has come too close, use Wing clip and try to run away. If you think that can’t escape, hit Raptor Strike in pair with Mongoose Bite.


Weapon skills

All hunters begin with only two weapon skills. Guns are by far the most useful of the two. But if you, for some reason, want to try out something different, you can try One-Handed Swords. From here, all hunters can master any other kind of weapon they want for the exception of maces and wands.

Choose your pet

Most hunters choose cats and flying creatures. Here is why:Cats can be seen everywhere, have high attack stats and deal more damage than others. Cats can be tamed in any starting location. Their main skill is called Claw and an additional one is Bite. Although players are having lots of debates regarding the usefulness of the latter. In any c case, cats are the best pets among all.Flying beasts are more common in Horde territories. The first one can be found in Wailing Caverns. Alliance players are not often seen there on lower lvls. The biggest advantage of them is that their main attack is a spell, so it’ll ignore the target’s armor. On top of that, Lightning Breath is more easily upgraded than Claw, because it has fewer ranks.

The new ranks of abilities for your pets become available on these lvls

  • Claws: 8, 16, 24, 32, 40, 48, 56.
  • Bite: 8, 16, 24, 32, 40, 48, 56.
  • Lightning Breath: 12, 14, 36, 48, 60.
To get the new lvl of pet’s ability you got to tame a wild animal of the same lvl, but as you reach the needed lvl, sometimes, you won’t be able to find a pet. For example, Lightning Breath lvl 4 is available of lvl 36, but you can tame the correspondent pet on lvl 41.


The quests that uncover the story of your class.

Every class has its own quest chains, so as our hunter. On lvl 10, they get to learn 3 things: how to feed, tame and revive your beastie. The next quest is only unlocked on lvl 50. It leads you to Sunken Temple where you’ll be rewarded with awesome items. On lvl 60 you will be able to accept an epic quest that starts from Ancient Petrified List. This is a very difficult chain, but you will be rewarded with an awesome epic quality bow or a stave.

Mr. Handyman

Your best choice is Skinning in pair with Leatherworking as your professions. You’ll need to craft Devilsaur Leggings and Gauntlets.

Mr. Imma-lvl-up-in-dungeons

If you’re keen on trying to get XP in dungeons, here is the tactic that you should follow when you find yourself in an instance with your party:

  1. Don’t use skills that cost mana too often, let your pet do the dirty work for you.
  2. Watch your aggro level both for your char and your pet. Remember that Feign Death immediately lowers your aggro to 0. If you see that some mobs are taking on your allies, distract them with your pet.
  3. Always stock up with food and ammunition. If you’re out of space in your bags, give of your stuff to your allies.
  4. Use ranged attacks, to aggro more mobs.
  5. If the dungeon has pets in them that you would like to tame, do tell your allies about it.



Hunters have high survivability thanks to their pets. Having a companion by his side, a hunter will survive in a situation where any other class would die or fail. He is also the top-2 leveler. Due to high mobility and a pet that tanks, doing quests will be a breeze. Hunters are one of those you don’t want to face in PvP either, especially in the open-world. More than often the opponent won’t even reach this class. The weak sides are the constant lack of space in bags. All classes can have up to 4 bags, whereas a hunter has to dedicated one slot solely to ammo, thus reducing the max number of pouches to 3. In general, hunters are a very expensive class. You always have to buy ammo and food for your pets. What’s more, the AI of companions is very stupid, which doesn’t make it’s controlling any easier. So, if you chose this class you pick the easiest, yet unique playstyle, but that comes at a cost. Thank you for reading this guide, we hope you found it useful.

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