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A faultless guide to Shaman in WoW Classic



Shamans are very good at leveling. The most noticeable benefit is the Ghost Wolf’s form that will make them the fastest class in the game from the lvl 20 to 30 bracket. That’s faster than Hunter’s cheetah that gives them only 36%. What’s more, their totem mechanic leaves them prepared for absolutely any kind of situation. They also have this spell called Ancestral Recall with a 15 min cooldown that’s the second ability that can return your character back home. Like healers, they got an ability to revive fallen allies. Finally, they can kite mobs around pretty much indefinitely if mana permits. However, this class can be confusing to the new players, thanks to his vast arsenal of tools. He is needed in every group thanks to his supportive abilities. He is both DPS and a healer, they have high damage potential both in melee and ranged combat. However, he is most effective in a party as a healer, when he buffs the teammates with his totems.

Places to visit, things to do

The reasons for going to each of those locations are pretty much the same for any other class, so there is no point retelling them. The main thing is that you always got a choice of where to go next to do quests. The following listing of perfect locations filled with ways to lvl up. Each entry shows what levels you can get in that location and its name.

For Horde

  • Levels 10-33 - Barrens
  • Levels 10-20 – magnificent Silverpine Forest
  • Levels 15-25 – wonderful Stonetalon Mountains

For all factions

  • Levels 20-31 – stunning Hillsbrad Foothills
  • Levels 19-30 - marvelous Ashenvale
  • Levels 24-35 – beautiful Thousand Needles
  • Levels 30-50 – lovely Stranglethorn Valley
  • Levels 30-39 – striking Desolace
  • Levels 30-40 – delightful Arathi Highlands
  • Levels 36-45 – scenic Badlands
  • Levels 40-50 – charming Tanaris
  • Levels 41-60 - magnificent Feralas
  • Levels 43-56 – fine-looking Searing Gorge
  • Levels 50-59 – famed Burning Steppes
  • Levels 47-54 - legendary Felwood
  • Levels 48-55 – notorious Un’Goro Crater
  • Levels 46-57 – infamous Western Plaguelands
  • Levels 54-59 – well-known Eastern Plaguelands
  • Levels 55-60 – concluding Winterstpring

What to learn and when

To maximize the effectiveness of lvling it’s recommended to use the Enhancement spec. On the early levels, this spec allows you to deal some good damage, slow down mobs, heal yourself and buff the party. Let’s break down your build into tiers and see what you should learn each time you unlock something new.The first 5 points must be invested into Ancestral Knowledge. At first glance, it could seem like a not very smart investment, on the other hand, in the long run, this will pay off. Next, put 5 points in Thundering Strikes. It will increase your crit hit rate. On tier 3 deposit 2 points in Improved Ghost Wolf and another 2 in Improved Lightning Shield, then unlock Two-Handed Axes and Maces. The priority is to upgrade the wolf skill, only then you can learn the weapons talent. Put 5 points into Flurry on tier 4. Then on tier 5 put 3 points into Elemental Weapons, one point into Parry and the remaining point into Improved Lightning Shield. You might have noticed by now that this build is very simple. Most of the talents in it are quickly upgraded to the fifth rank. Don’t break this tradition and invest 5 points into Weapon Mastery. Grab the last talent of the tree Stormstrike. Move to the Elemental tree and invest 5 points into any available talent. Preferably into Convection. After that put 5 more points into the talent you said “no” to in the previous tier. It could be the Concussion. Put 1 point into Elemental Focus and 4 points into Reverberation on tier 10. For the final tier invest 3 points into Elemental Devastation and top off the Reverberation to the max rank. The last point you can spend on anything you want.

Ability unlocking

It was said at the beginning of this guide, Shamans poses a huge variety of spells and other skills. There is absolutely no necessity in unlocking all of them. Throughout the first 10 levels, you can still unlock everything you have available to you. As you get more lvls, always buy Lightning Shield and Rockbiter Weapon (or Windfury Weapon) as fast as possible, because these skills are used more often than others. Furthermore, don’t overlook to accept the Fire Totem quest on level 10 from your trainer. On level 16 procure additional lvl of Lightning Shield and Rockbiter Weapon as well as also learn Earth Shock that’s available from lvl 14. On level 20 unlock the Ghost Wolf, to travel faster, and the first rank of Frost Shock. On level 20 you will also get a quest for Water totem, but you can complete it later. Lvl 24 is very essential that gives access to Lightning shield, Rockbiter Weapon, Strength of Earth Totem, Earth Shock combined with Water Breathing. That last ability will come in handy for some of the quests. Get back to the trainer on level 30 for another rank of Windfury Weapon combined with fresh supportive skills: Reincarnation, Astral Recall, plus Water Walking. On level 32 master Lightning Shield lvl 4, and Windfury Weapon, especially if you’re playing in a group. By level 40, hopefully, you will attain enough coins to buy a mount and to buy new ranks of Lightning Shield and Windfury Weapon. If you fancy, you can improve the shocks and totems. By lvl 48 you will probably already know the ins and outs of your build. Don’t go back into the town on this level, but if you make your mind up to go anyway, you might as well take the newest ranks of Earth Shock as well as Lightning Shield. On level 50, if the voyage to your trainer on 48 was skipped, take the skills we mentioned one sentence age and also grab Windfurry Weapon. On level 56 you skip the trainer again, but if you don’t, take the most important skills for you, especially Lightning Shield. In this shape of your build, it’s an easy road to lvl 60.


Ability rotation

Keep the weapon buffs up at all times – Rockbiter weapon until lvl 30 and Windfury weapon after lvl 30.The lightning shield is your most effective spell to inflict damage. Some Shamans only use shields and auto-attacks.If you want to lvl up a bit faster, use shocks, specifically Earth Sock, but remember that they are very mana-expensive. On level 20 you get access to Ghost Wolf. This will greatly speed-up your lvling. Use it often.On lvl 50 you get access to Stormstrike. Use it while fighting single targets.If you’re lvling in a party, don’t forget about placing totems like the Strength of Earth Totem. Your allies will start killing mobs faster, so you’ll get experience faster too.


All 3 races can use Staves and One-Handed Maces but can master One-Handed and Two-Handed Axes from trainers as well as other Two-Handed Weapons. You're able to use a wide range of equipment whilst lvling. For instance, you can find a green sword for lvl 5, of which you can play with the starting weapon until lvl 20. A weapon slot is the most important in Shaman’s gear. If you operate with friends they can help you buy a weapon. On lvl 3 you can visit the local weapon’s merchant and check out his stock. For instance, Trayexir in Durotar can sell you the Walking Stick. There some low-level quests that reward you with good weapons. In Ragefire Chasm you can obtain the Staff of Orgrimmar. When you’re lvl 30, you can buy Bullova at the city’s merchant. Other awesome weapons are Princess Theradras’ Scepter and Gatorbite Axe. Regarding other equipment, don’t forget about the class quests that will reward you with the totems. They can be either defensive or attacking.



Skinning and Leatherworking are the two profs that Shamans can surely benefit from. You can make things like Devilsaur Leggings and Gauntlets.

Lvling in dungeons

Since the players discovered that dungeons actually give you greater amounts of exp, leveling through only dungeons has become a solid tactic in Classic. If you decide to do that, your build should have a mix of Enhancement and Restoration. Use mana only on the Chain Lightning and totems. Even though shamans are not as downright great as warriors damage-wise, they’re still very much wanted in groups for their totems. Prioritize totems over attacking spells. Place totems to apply an effect on the whole group as persistent as possible. At the same time if you play through Enhancement, don’t forget, you still have healing skills. Help the main healer if he or she runs out of mana. Earth Shock is an invaluable tool for interrupting spells. Restoration assumes flexible playstyle. It allows you to use AoE heal for the group of Chain Heal or focus on your tank with Healing Way. Make use of the 5-second rule. Remember that totems deplete mana, so they obey this rule as well. Keep your mana values in check. If you’re having problems, heal the group in portions – wait until the health goes down enough, heal them and then stop casting spells for some time. Practice and determine what level of health is comfortably low. You also need to have enough water and food with you.



Shamans are very strong, this is evident by the everything stated above, but they do have their weaknesses. It would be fair to end this guide without giving the full picture of what this class is. Shamans lack controlling abilities. All they can do that is close to controlling is interrupting the target’s casting. Shamans are also very skill demanding. This class demands its player to be comprehensively prepared in all areas of the game for both DPS and healer roles. Moreover, shamans ought to have several equipment sets or loadouts (hello from shooters). It's not impossible to find one or two pieces for the class, but to fill up all of the slots, is going to be a challenge. Your gear must have intellect stat, otherwise, you will simply go out of mana. Nonetheless, the shaman is a powerful class that offers a lot of possibilities. You can play him the way you want. That comes at the cost, it takes time to really learn the character, separate useful skills from those your build doesn’t need. This guide aimed to help you with that. If you are keen for more, definitely check out our previous guides and stay tuned for new ones.

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