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A diabolical guide to Warlock in WoW Classic



Good old warlocks, bringers of darkness, reapers of souls, masters of demons. Spell deceases and hellfire all while controlling demonic companion to aid you in the merciless slaughter of your foes. The class fantasy of warlocks is well displayed with its armor sets, the flavor of your combat style and as a cherry, on top, you get to ride a kick-ass fiery horse. Lvling with warlocks is one of the most amazing experiences in the game. They are a pet class, meaning you usually want your beefy voidwalker pet to do all the tanking which means you just get more HP to use between the two of you. They also get one of the finest CC spells of all time – Fear. And that lets you solo many elite mobs, pull much more and helps you dominate in any PVP scenario you might participate in. The warlock is also very gear independent. Forget about dungeons or auction house to retain your progress steady and speedy. The best thing about warlocks is that they get an evil horse at lvl 40 free of charge, saving you a lot of time and keeping you on a steady pace to 60 where people who have tried to grind for a mount might obtain it in a couple of lvls later, you’ll be speeding along as soon as mounts are available. There is also the fact that you’re very consistent with kill time since warlock rarely needs to drink. Plus, a huge giant bonus on top of all is that you get Life Tap which basically means converting stamina into mana, giving you great flexibility with itemization. You’re a supercharged battery that can keep pulling forever.


Choose a destination

When you finish your starting location you will find yourself on a crossroads, since you will have a multiple choice of where to go next. Let’s have a look at the best zones for both factions where you will be able to comfortably lvl up.

For the Alliance

  • Levels 11-19 – start in Darkshore start here or in LM
  • Levels 10-18 – depending on your personal taste you might go to Loch Modan
  • Levels 9-18 – the game just keeps throwing choices at you - Westfall
  • Levels 15-25 – the big boys place, except for low-levels - Redridge Mountains
  • Levels 10-30 - moody Duskwood
  • Levels 20-30 – hope you like marshy areas - Wetlands

For Horde

  • Levels 10-33 – kind of a huge area, Barrens is known to everybody
  • Levels 10-20 – magnificent Silverpine Forest it even sounds awesome
  • Levels 15-25 – go the rocky mountain way at Stonetalon Mountains

For all factions

  • Levels 20-31 – time to raise the stakes, your next stop will be Hillsbrad Foothills
  • Levels 19-30 – continuing the parade of hope-you-brought-some-lube locations Ashenvale
  • Levels 24-35 – more pointy rocks in Thousand Needles
  • Levels 30-50 – nothing bad ever happens in Stranglethorn Vale
  • Levels 30-39 – pretty charming place this Desolace
  • Levels 30-40 – don’t look down in Arathi Highlands
  • Levels 36-45 – kind of the place that Mad Max would love - Badlands
  • Levels 40-50 – don’t get the sand get in your trousers in Tanaris
  • Levels 41-60 – from yellow beaches to green Feralas
  • Levels 43-56 – the perfect place to make a last stand - Searing Gorge
  • Levels 50-59 – the sky is always red in Burning Steppes
  • Levels 47-54 - uncharted Felwood
  • Levels 48-55 – have you ever seen a green crater? There is one called Un’Goro Crater
  • Levels 46-57 – hope you got vaccinated before traveling to Western Plaguelands
  • Levels 54-59 – as if one contaminated area wasn’t enough - Eastern Plaguelands
  • Levels 55-60 – a perfect place to spend Christmas vacation – Winterspring

Let’s sculpt your Warlock

You could try to experiment with the build since you got a choice between 3 main specs, but for the sake of this guide, we recommend you to stick with the Affliction as your main. The build you want to aim for is best to be split into 3 big sections. They are separated by one milestone on lvl 22 when you get a chance to respec. Affliction opens a door to the greatest lvling talents like instant Corruption that deals periodic damage and something called – Siphon Life. The reason why you would want to respec is that the stronger you get, the harder it would be for your pet to keep the mobs aggroed all the time. So whatever points you’ll have left could go to Demonology. Here we will show you to builds one of which will include the change of the spec.

Before lvl 21

The first 3 points will go to Improved corruption and 2 more to a talent called Suppression. This way you will be casting Corruption much faster and your spells will more often reach your target. Moving on, put 2 points into Improved Drain Soul. This is a key talent in the spec, which reduces the downtime between killing mobs. Add 2 points to Improved Corruption and 1 to Suppression. Finally, invest another 2 points into Suppression. On lvl 22 reset the talents to take Improved Voidwalker.

On lvl 22

For Demonology. Put two points into Improved Healthstone. In addition to that put 3 points into Demonic Embrace. This way you’ll have better chances at surviving mob fights. Next time you get the opportunity, spend 1 point into Improved Voidwalker. This is something that’s worth the reset. After that, you should invest 7 points into Affliction. The way you spend your talent points after the reset is 3 into Improved Corruption, 2 into Suppression and another 2 into Improved Drain Soul. In other words, pick the same talents as in the variation minus the reset.

After lvl 22

Use the points that you get on Improved Voidwalker, so that your companion will keep the mobs focused on itself more. On lvl 25-29 spend 2 points on Improved Corruption and 3 on Suppression, so to restore the Affliction tree to its initial state. Afterward, you should spend 1 point on Amplify Curse and 2 points on Improved Curse of Agony. This will move you to the fourth tier of Affliction. Once there, put 2 points into Nightfall and 2 on Grim Reach. To finish things off, spend 1 point on Improved Corruption. The following tier you should fill with points in this order – get Siphon Life first, then 2 points on Improved Life Tap and 2 more on Fel Concentration. Up in the next tier, 5 points will go to Shadow Mastery. 10% bonus to your dmg will be advantageous. Now you get to the one very significant talent in lvling – Dark Pact. Unlock it and get back to the Affliction where you need to spend 2 points on Fel Intellect to unlock a new tier in this talent tree. Grab Fel Domination so the usage of Sacrifice will allow raising another demon right away. Also, spend 3 points into Fel Intellect and 1 point into Demonic Embrace. The remaining points can be spent on Unholy Power that will get you good damage on the finish line.


he order in which you should unlock new skills

Warlocks got as lucky as Paladins because they get a mount on lvl 40 and then another one on lvl 60. This means that they get to spend the hard-earned coins on the new lvls of their skills. Every new rank gets unlocked every 2 lvls, but not all of them should be unlocked. We’ll tell you how to save time on your trips to the trainer in town. We recommend buying skills from the Affliction tree.For the first 10 lvls you won’t be far from the trainer, so there won’t be a reason to skip any skill unlocks. On lvl 14 you should get the second rank of Corruption, and third rank of Shadow Bolt. Also, purchase the first rank of Drain Life. On lvl 18 learn the next rank of Curse of Agony in addition to Create Soulstone (Minor) plus Unending Breath. You get Corruption and useful Drain Soul on lvl 24 as well as new lvls of Shadow Bolt, Drain Life, Create Healthstone (Lesser). On lvl 28 learn the lvl of your favorite Soul Agony. Besides, you can get the new lvl of your Shadow Bolt. Keep improving Corruption on lvl 34 along with Create Healthstone, not forgotten Immolate, Drain Life and the one and only – Demon Armor. Apart from getting your mount on lvl 40, improve the following abilities: Curse of Agony, Drain Life, Drain Soul, Siphon Life, Immolate. For a PvP server, get Death Coil on lvl 42. Keep improving the skills of Corruption and Shadow Bolt on lvl 44. Thenceforth, improve the periodic damage skills – Curse of Agony and infamous Siphon Life. Thenceforward on lvl 54 learn Corruption rank 6, Drain Life on rank 6 and Shadow bolt on 8 and get the last rank of Drain Soul. Get the new ranks of Curse of Agony plus Life Drain.

Your typical skill rotation in a fight.

Corruption is your main effect of dot damage for a Warlock. Apply it every time you initiate a fight. The second place in the priority list takes the Curse of Agony. Cast it on a target if it survives longer than 24 seconds. If you already got the Life Drain, use it after applying the first two dot damage spells. It deals good damage and replenishes your life at the same time, very convenient. Immolate is used when needed because using everything at once costs lots of mana. Nevertheless, Immolate is useful if you need to aggro your target. If your enemy is about to die, use Drain Soul to get the mana from the talent Improved Drain Soul. After applying all effects that deal damage over time, use Shadow Bolt to fill up the global cooldowns and watch and wait for the trigger of Nightfall. If you’re on a verge of dying use Drain Life. Don’t forget to control your adversaries with fear, so that they won’t attack you too often. Fear lets you stand against even the most powerful mobs, even with elites.

Weapon skills

Only 2 races from each faction can become a warlock. Dwarves and humans can make a good warlock just like an orc or an undead. All of them will have to begin with daggers. Meaning this is the only type of weapon they’re all able to use from the start. But that’s not all. Just like in the case with other classes, this one can be taught to use other weapons. The two types available for learning are One-Handed Swords and the mage’s favorite Staves.


Not a cat person

In Classic all classes have their own unique storyline and special abilities that define them. For instance, warlocks can summon demons that they can use for their own dark desires like lvling. On the starting lvls they can summon lesser imps, a little later – Voidwalkers with whom they’ll reach lvl 60. Here is how you can get those pets.Right after you enter the world as your freshly created character, talk to the trainer and get a quest from him. This quest is different depending on the race, but it’s always connected to the shared storyline. The little demon is decent for keeping the mobs' attention on himself and deals a decent amount of damage.

  • The Voidwalker for Alliance. Depending on the race again, you will get the Gekin’s Summons or The Slaughtered Lamb. Travel to the Stormwind to the tavern which serves for warlocks as a hideout. From there you will be asked to depart to the Elwynn Forest. Once you’ve completed your tasks there, return to Stormwind, get the quest called The Binding, go to the basement and earn the capability to call the Voidwalker at your wish.
  • The Voidwalker for the Horde. The quest that you want is called Gan'rul's Summons. Similarly, you will be asked to go somewhere, retrieve something then come back and return the item. Then you will get the opportunity to fight the Voidwalker to make him serve you. Undead players will be retrieving a grimoire, the rest of the chain is the same.
Something to note – Succubus and Felhunter are ineffective in lvling. Don’t complete these quests until you reach the cap lvl.


You will benefit from getting Engineering and Tailoring. These professions allow warlocks to craft equipment that makes lvling considerably easier. On top of that you get to create items that will help you prepare for the raids:

  1. Green Lens – gives you a bonus to dark magic damage
  2. Robe of the Void – purple chest piece with outstanding stats
  3. Felcloth Shoulders – green rarity shoulder slot item with good stats.
In addition to that Engineering lets you craft bombs, that are used in PVP and PVE alike. Cloth for Tailoring drops from many different mobs, including the ones that are in the dungeons.

Lvling in dungeons

Since lvling in dungeons is a valid way to get to the max lvl. The main role of warlocks in a party is to deal AoE damage, teleporting the missing party members with Ritual of Summoning and supply your group with Healtstones. But there is more:Manage the balance amid the health and mana via Life TapDeal AoE damage with Rain of Fire and Hellfire spellsDebuff your opponents with DOT spells. Use TAB to switch targets.Stay away from the enemiesHave lots of space in your bags for food, water, and reagents.



Warlocks can’t genuinely contest with mages in DPS until later in later stages of the game. The big reason for that is the debuff cap on targets. You can only use 16 of them on a single target at once. In raids, it means no Corruption, no Emulate, no Curse of Agony at all for the most part. Warlocks generally go sack or SM ruin type specs or something along those lines. Anyway, you always end up spamming Shadow Bolt all the time, it’s pretty boring. In PVP they’re really mobile, but honestly, they’re so freaking strong in 1v1s and in premade. You can seduce your targets, Soul Fire them, seduce again, Shadow Ball, Death Coil, Fear. You can basically kill most classes without them being even able to control their character or fight back at all. So, there you have it. Warlocks have their own strengths and weaknesses. One thing is for sure, if you decide to pick this class, you won’t regret it. Thank you for reading this guide, come back for more guides like this one in the future.

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