A detailed look at Armor 2.0 in Destiny 2


What does Destiny 2 update hold for us?

Bungie is finally going to introduce their most major gameplay update in Destiny 2 Shadowkeep. The upcoming changes vary from the reward system to the whole in-game world evolution (in case you haven’t heard about that check out our detailed article) but the hottest topic for discussion still is the new armor system.

Destiny 2 Season of the Undying is already on its way launching on October 1, so while waiting for it let’s dive deeper into the new D2 content we’re about to see. This article is your ultimate guide on Armor 2.0, as it contains everything we’ve learned so far about what this armor does and how to make this whole thing work well for you. We will explain such features as mods and stats, discuss the most distinctive features of the soon-to-be Armor 2.0, and fill you in on how to upgrade more effectively.


Destiny 2 Armor 2.0 system explained

Right before we start elaborating on Armor 2.0, we’d like to highlight one important thing. This question is getting more and more buzz in the fan community, so first of all, we wanna set things straight. With Armor 2.0 having been implemented, your already earned armor is NOT going anywhere. Destiny 2 Exotic armor will be transformed into Armor 2.0 and you will be able to equip it just like you used to. Exotic armor gets an automatic rework, so it’s pretty much handed to you to start experimenting and exploring new abilities right away. With Destiny 2 Legendary armor sets, it’s a bit more tricky. They’ve also been reworked, however, to get your updated Y1 or Y2 sets you’ll need to earn them once again. They will also be available at the vending points or might as well drop randomly, and from now on, all armor you earn in this DLC and beyond is gonna be solely Armor 2.0.

We hope this little clarification eased your worries, and you are ready to plunge into exploring the new D2 armor.

The mechanic of Destiny 2 Armor 2.0 is fairly simple: mods equipped to armor pieces will require a certain amount of energy. It means, all of them have various “price”, which determines how much energy is needed in order to employ them. You don’t necessarily have to fill all the slots. Imagine you have seven energy points. You can use a six-cost mod and a one-cost mod, a three-cost and a four-cost, or one seven-cost mod and the other slots will be left empty. Each armor tier upgrade increases energy capacity, and you keep going until you hit the max level of 10 energy points, so in the newly updated Destiny 2, how to upgrade armor is gonna be quite the issue, and we will surely dwell on it but a little bit later.

So what exactly are we looking at here? Mods per se are replacing perks. In each piece, there are three mod slots: one for basic things and two for such kinds of mods that improve your weapons and abilities. The most significant difference with the way things work now is the following: mods have finally become reusable. It means that after a mod is unlocked you can equip and re-equip it whenever you want and wherever you want. Well, one correction: not exactly wherever.

As it turns out, the energy itself is going to have an impact on the mods available for applying. To put it simply, armor pieces will come with certain elements assigned to them, and it will hugely influence the range of applicable weapon mods. The compatibility requirements are the following:

  • Solar: auto rifles, fusions, rocket launchers, SMGs, linears.
  • Arc: pulse rifles, MGs, shotguns, swords, bows.
  • Void: scouts, HCs, sidearms, snipers, grenade launchers.

As you can see, in updated Destiny 2, power level is not the only condition for applying mods. You should keep in mind the specific elemental energy type as well.


A closer look at Destiny 2 armor stats and ornaments

Having more or less discussed Destiny 2 armor mods, let us proceed to stats.

The number of stats is doubled now. The new stats in the patch are a generous nod to the original D1, as they are similar to the ones we had back in the days. Their effects cover the recharge rate increasing: Intellect is responsible for your Super, Discipline – for grenade, and Strength boosts your melee. The range has become more specific as well: for all six of them, it can go up to a cap of one hundred (100). Now we have ten tiers with every ten points being equal to one tier, and the higher the tier is, the greater the stat effect will be. By the way, once you reach the energy cap of 10 points (you remember that pool, right?) you get the bonus of boosting the stats by two.

Speaking of Destiny 2 armor ornaments, they are strictly decorative to make your already fashionable Armor 2.0 pieces customized. However, they will not be applicable to exotic armor, so the way it looks will always stay intact.

As we’ve already mentioned, the devs officially announced great news: armor pieces that already exist in D2 are going to be upgraded to the Armor 2.0 version but not earlier than the patch itself comes out. Fully reworked Exotic armor will be waiting on your Destiny 2 collections page, while some of the existing legendary pieces will have to be re-purchased. The old non-exotic and non-legendary armor is also usable but it won’t have those additional stats and, of course, the mod slots. The armor infusion, though, is still an option, as the function is still working for any type of weapon or gear.


Updating armor 2.0 is much more pleasant with a Destiny 2 carry

You can see now that mods are essential to the newly-introduced D2 armor system, but you might start to wonder about the places to find them. Bungie says that the sources are located in different places in the game. One of the main locations is the Gunsmith. World engrams are another source of getting mods along with Iron Banner drops and raids rewards. It’s not quite clear what kind of mods you’ll be able to get from each of those sources, but one might guess that those common mods are pretty easy to obtain, whereas more powerful ones will be awarded as prizes for more or less challenging activities. Note that the highest-tier mods are possible to get only in the endgame activities.

Old mods, just like that old armor, are not going anywhere. Despite still being relevant, they, unfortunately, won’t work with Armor 2.0. However, they might help you obtain the new ones: by dissembling them you get the necessary components that can be exchanged for the new pieces at the Gunsmith.

As for the upgrading, basically, all you need is some glimmer, Enhancement Cores, Legendary Shards, and two types of new materials. It’s not clear yet where you can get the newly-added materials, but they are definitely two different things, although they might be obtained from the same source. It seems to us it’s gonna be quite the farm, so in order to get you a nice head start with those armor upgrades, we can always offer you a Destiny 2 boost.

From the look of it, these new Armor 2.0 abilities give you easier options in adjusting your armor to your loadout. You just equip the weapons you wanna carry and change the mods on your armor using some glimmer, and that’s it. It gives you huge build diversity and not only more scope for customizing but also a chance to reach an unprecedented level of power.

Of course, it’s up to you to decide whether to switch to Armor 2.0 or keep using your old set. For what it’s worth, one thing we know for sure – searching for those armor sets to maximize the stats and your overall performance is gonna be quite the grind, so feel free to go to legionfarm.com if you need any help.

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