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A comprehensive guide to Druid class.



In the retail version, questing is made very easy. The devs are holding your hand on your way through the main story quests. They lead you through the nicely looking hub location where you’ll find NPC’s that give you more quests. These quests branch out into several separate lines of quests. Eventually, they all come together into one to move the story forward. In Vanilla everything was built with a sense of discovery in mind. The quest hubs were present back then as well, but they were not so obvious. You would find them naturally as you travel through the world. More than that, it was never enough to just do all quests. You’d always have to go farming mobs while doing quests. Only that way you could be promised to earn enough XP to raise your level. That being said, this guide is dedicated to the best ways of leveling a Druid class. Druids are great for leveling and they show the true force once they reach the max level. The guide will be separated into a few sections. Each will tell about a certain aspect of your leveling starting from zones to do quests, to talent and ability trees.

Different Questing system

If you’ve played any expansion of WoW since Cataclysm, you will be confused by some of the game's features. No longer quests display on your map. You will be moving a lot in search of quest objectives or new quests. You will get lost because you haven’t actually read the description that gives you a hint about where your next objective might be. This is what made Vanilla WoW so special. But that’s not all – the monsters will be not as easy to defeat, so your best approach is to fight them one on one.


A traveling guide

The questing system in Classic is all about exploring, adventuring and discovering. While it is advised to enjoy the game at your own pace, you’ll benefit greatly from making yourself familiar with locations that offer the best quests for each side of the conflict. So, let’s begin.

On Alliance side

  • Darkshore. You will unlock this place among a few others after completing the starting area for your race. Go there next.
  • Loch Modan. Following the Darkshore, there is a location with Dwarves of Loch Modan for everyone with levels 10-18. You can choose to do the quests here right away, or come back when you have a higher level. In any case, the quests here are fairly straight forward.
  • Westfall. If you’re leveling solo, pick this one. go straight for the Deadmines if you're not playing alone.
  • Redridge Mountains. The effectiveness of your leveling depends on how much time you spend not earning XP. More often than not you will be traveling between locations, so pick this one, to maximize your XP outcome.
  • Duskwood. One of the community’s favorite zones. It’s full of quests, has an excellent authentic feel and a place where you get some nice items. Don’t miss it.
  • Wetlands. Your last stop at the friendly controlled locations, after that there you will go to the contested territories.

On Horde Side

  • Barrens. A huge zone with a diverse population. Get to level 20 without setting a foot outside its limits.
  • Silverpine Forest. An Undead version of Barrens. It has a few decent quests, but not a very popular place.
  • Stonetalon Mountains. Situated practically back to back with Barrens makes it a great place to do quests. It even has a few quests for the opposite faction, so keep your guard up here.


Contested territories

  • Hillsbrad Foothills. The place is often visited by every experienced player, so you should add it to your list as well.
  • Ashenvale. Both factions have the stuff to do here. With a great visual style, it's a great place to do your leveling.
  • Thousand Needles. Shimmering Flats is found here. Most importantly, you’ll be able to raise a level here.
  • Stranglethorn Vale. Game’s most famous location. You’ll keep coming back to it in from levels 30 to 50.
  • Desolace. This one has a questing hub for both factions. A place farm lots of levels.
  • Arathi Highlands. Origin of another battleground – Arathi Basin. Hubs with quests for hunting mobs, very simple tasks.
  • Badlands. Eazy zone that can be completed solo very quickly. Go to Uldaman if you have a party.
  • Tanaris. The place where you will find Zul’farrak dungeon. It is recommended to finish every quest in this zone, including a full chain of quests in Zul’farrak.
  • Feralas. Certainly not the best location when it comes to leveling, but you can visit it when your 40. Meaning your level. Both factions can find quests here.
  • Searing Gorge. Get your first taste of high-level content. Thorium Brotherhood faction gives you lots of good quests.
  • Burning Steppes. You will be visiting this location often, as the level of missions here is very mixed. You can also obtain quests for dungeons here.
  • Felwood. This one is compulsory for completing. The location doesn’t only have great quests, but also you just absolutely must visit it to obtain the Cenarius Beacon. You will use it for farming a bunch of expendables like Whipper Root Tuber.
  • Un'goro crater. You’ll get a few levels here, but beware that this is pretty popular spot among a lot of players.
  • Western Plaguelands. Get a lot of XP here thanks to the local chain of quests.
  • Eastern Plaguelands. Have another taste for the endgame content here. Make yourself familiar with this location, as you will come back here after reaching lvl 60. This is also where Naxxramas fortress will be flying above, once they release this raid.
  • Winterspring. Absolutely breathtaking area. Huge amount of quests that grant you a lot of XP as rewards. There is this consumable item called Juju, that’s commonly used in raids that you will want to farm if you’ll get a hold of the Cache of Mau'ari.


Useful talents

Now it’s time to talk about your build. Build your class around the Feral talent tree. The most significant element in your class is the Cat Form, which becomes available at level 20. Here is a good time to mention, that because of how hard the game is and how slow it’s pace, the movement speed of your characters become the deciding factor of your speedy leveling process. That being said, the Feral Swiftness that increases your speed by 15% on the first level and then 30% on lvl 21 is Druid's best friend. There are other useful talents as well. Later on, when we will be talking about how you approach your fights you will find out why Omen of Clarity is such a great spell. In fact, some Druids prefer to unlock this talent from the Balance talent tree first. And only then proceed to upgrade the Feral tree. We still recommend you to start from Feral. So, let’s have a look at how you approach unlocking talents.

Of trees and branches

First, unlock Ferocity by spending 5 points on it. This talent reduces the mana expense of your abilities. Then, spend another 5 points into Feral Aggression. This will make you deal more damage. Afterward, get Feral Swiftness for 2 points to make your leveling considerably faster. Don’t forget about the Feral charge if you have spare points. Alternatively, get Sharpened Claws for 3 points. Moving on, get Predatory Strikes for 3 points and Blood Frenzy for another 2 points. Time to buy Faerie Fire, which you will be using a lot in fights. Next, use 2 points to buy Savage Fury. Upgrade you’re the Feral Charge and then get Improved Shed for 1 point. Now your only choice is to put 5 points into Heart of the Wild. We’re almost half-way there. If this seems overwhelming, just bear with us on this one. You’re gonna spend 31 points on Leader of the Pack. After that, spend your first point on the Balance branch, unlocking Nature’s Grasp. Put 4 more points upgrading it with Improved Nature’s Grasp. Invest 5 more points into Natural Weapons. This will up your damage. Time to finally unlock that Omen of Clarity. You’ll be using it until the max level. Finally, spend 5 points into Furor to make yourself even faster and put 3 points into Natural Shapeshifter. Then put an end to this process by donating 1 point on Improved Shed. Embrace lvl 60.


What to unlock and in which order

Before we move on with the guide, there is something you need to learn. You should go unlocking every single ability. Many gamers assume that you shouldn’t miss an opportunity when a new spell becomes available. They couldn't be more wrong. Druid has a highly situational arsenal of abilities, if you will be unlocking every single one of them, you will be not putting yourself in a good position and here is why. To learn something new, you will need to go to a trainer, which means you have to put your leveling process on a pause and embark on a long journey to one of the cities that has this trainer in it. Once you’re there you will need to actually spend your hard-earned gold. Now, why would you spend your money on something you won’t need or even know what to use? There is no necessity to purchase each skill. Better yet, unlocking only some of the skills will save your money for something more important like a mount. Once you will be able to buy one at level 40, your life will get so much easier. That being said, you have your best buff called Mark of the Wild. You will be using it a lot, so upgrade it on levels 20, 28, 38, 48 and 58. The Faerie Fire also needs to be upgraded at every occasion on levels 30, 42 and 54. Your finishing attack is Ferocious Bite. This needs to be upgraded on levels 32, 40, 48, 56 and 60.

What abilities to use in combat

  • Make sure you have Thorns and Mark of the Wild on yourself at all times.
  • Use Maul in Bear Form before you unlock the Cat Form.
  • Later, when approaching lvl 20, start using the Cat Form more. This form provides you the ability to do combos by using the Claw. You acquire the resource from that to spend it on Ferocious Bite.
  • Your enemies must always have Faerie Fire on them.
  • Travel Form on lvl 30 is great for you until you buy a horse.
  • Unlock Dash on level 26, to increase your movement speed even further, if you really need it.


How druid treats new items.

Many classes rely on bonuses from weapons, but not our Druid. He is only affected by the stats that a piece of gear can increase. You won’t be changing your gear frequently. So when you find something new, have a look at what stats it increases. Your priority is Strength = Agility = Spirit > Stamina. The origin of your damage is Strength. 1 point on this stat increases your attack power by 2. Spirit regenerates your health, so it’s very important too. Last but not least, Agility grants evasion against enemy attacks. Finally, you increase your health by increasing the Stamina stat.

The conclusion.

Hopefully, by now you've learned something new about WoW Classic, it's convoluted systems and how to play a Druid class. Once again, the game does appear to be more challenging than it's modern version, but at the same time this where all its glory lies. Embracing its difficulties is part of the fan and something that many gamers have been missing in recent years. As for the class, it is a solid all-around fighter who is relevant in solo or in groups. It is very fun to play him, due to his ability to transform into beasts. This also gives him a set of unique skills that other classes may only wish for. On the downside, he doesn't get to change his gear a lot, but this is really not that mattering. What's important is his strength and power to adapt to every situation. If that's the kind of style you want in this game then Druid is certainly a class for you. For more guides like this check back out blog page soon.

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