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A complete guide to Warrior



Welcome to another WoW Classic guide. This time we will tell you about the most powerful, yet difficult in leveling class – Warrior. His or her journey starts from, well, the beginning. Only the toughest will make it through the so-called Warrior trials that will either make or break you as a Warrior – the leveling process. That’s if you’re playing solo. If you’re pulling more than one monster you better be prepared for it, because if you’re not, you’re dead. This is true for most of the classes in this game, for the exception of, maybe, Hunters and Warlocks with their pets have it easier, thanks to their pets. And then there are also mages that can do wonders with their spells. Warriors have to always charge in and hope for the best. Slow attacks, constantly missing, constantly getting hit, crying for any drop or hit of rage to use any of your abilities. All of that will drive any Warrior to its knees. Having the need to stop and eat every two fights. Fighting more than one mob will, in most cases, lead to death on the lower levels. Unless some Priest is passing by. But as Warriors, we will persist. Hence we will endure. The goal is to overcome the first 20-30 lvls. Further down your journey, you will be handsomely rewarded for your bravery. Getting abilities like Whirlwind, Mortal Strike, are all very nice. But nothing beats the challenge of getting the Berserker Stance, especially if you’re an Alliance player. Most abilities in Classic come from the trainer NPC. You learn them, by paying him some amounts of gold. But some abilities like stances come from a quest. The Berserker stance embarks you on yet another journey, leading across continents, all to reach an island in the middle of nowhere in the Barrens sea. There you will fight against a group of other warriors, Fight Club style. Once you emerge victoriously you’ll be awarded the stance of a Berserker. This opens up an array of new abilities. But the hard life of a Warrior doesn’t stop here, it is only a beginning. So, let’s, finally move to the guide itself.


Best locations to do level up in

As you may already know from our previous guide for the Druid class, there are better and worse locations for leveling. Since the Warrior has a rough start in leveling due to the lack of any good skills at the start, knowing where to farm and complete quests can make a huge difference in how fast you level up. You do want to finish this phase as quickly as possible.


  1. Darkshore (11-19) – the best place to continue leveling after you’ve reached lvl 10
  2. Loch Modan (10-18) – being at the heart of the Eastern Kingdoms, quests there give a lot of XP.
  3. Westfall (9-18) – has a dungeon that’s worth visiting if you’re not playing solo.
  4. Redridge Mountains (15-25) – not a lot of quests here, easy to complete all of them
  5. Darkwood (10-30) – a must for all Alliance players, lots of quest with a variety of objectives.
  6. Wetlands (20-30) – last baby location, up next is the harsh world of Azeroth.


  1. Northern steppes (10-33) – a huge location. You can easily get to lvl 20 here.
  2. Silverpine Forst (10-20) – not as popular as the previous one, hence less crowded
  3. Stonetalon Mountains (15-25) – You can go there when you level up in the steppes, as these locations are close to each other.

Contested locations:

  1. Hillsbrad Foothills (20-31) – nothing too exciting here, but a decent starting point for leveling
  2. Ashenvale (19-30) – same as previous, you have a choice to do this one or the Hilsbrad
  3. Thousand Needles (24-35) – a “must-have” for all players
  4. Stranglehorn Vale (30-50) – a diverse range of tasks
  5. Wasteland (30-39) – has a dungeon here and lots of quests too
  6. Arathi Highlands (30-40) – same as Wasteland, but doesn’t have a dungeon
  7. Badlands (36-45) – mostly for Horde players
  8. Tanaris (40-50) – also has a dungeon that’s worth completing
  9. Feralas (41-60) – overcrowded location
  10. Searing Gorge (43-56) – That’s where you’ll feel the spirit of a raid.
  11. Burning Steppes (50-59) – lots of quests here
  12. Desecrated Forest (47-54) – a location with awesome lore, check it out
  13. Un’Goro Crater (48-55) – another popular location with lots of quests
  14. Western Plaguelands (46-57) – fast leveling quests
  15. Eastern Plaguelands (54-59) – you’ll meet max level players here
  16. Winter Keys (55-60) – awesome location to get the last level


Specs overview

There are 3 specializations that a warrior can pick from. All of them serve a different purpose. The most favorite one among the community is the Fury spec. As we mentioned him in the intro, this spec allows players to inflict more damage, but the Fury stance also makes Warriors weaker, so unexperienced players will be dying a lot with this spec. On a plus side, this spec makes the Warriors great damage dealers, some of the best even. Unfortunately, it’s not the best option for solo leveling. So, pick this one at your own risk. Protection spec makes warriors the best tanks in the game. However, a lot of tanking potential also means that their damage output is very small. This means that they are also not very good for leveling. Arms spec is more of a compromise between the other two. This spec is best suited for PvP, but since you will be playing in an open-world with lots of contested locations, your ability to survive in open-world PvP grants you an opportunity to level up quicker. If you don’t really have a goal to be a tank or a DD, pick this one. Here is how you level this spec.Your first 5 points you spend into Deflection and Improved Rent. Next 5 into Tactical Mastery. The first crucial ability is Anger Management that becomes available on level 20. Once you have it, spend another 3 on Deep Wounds. Then, purchase Improved Overpower. Let’s increase our damage now. We do so by spending points on Puncture. This raises the bonus damage on crit by 10 - 20%, Impale, and Two-Handed Weapon spec. With Sweeping Strikes, you'll gain an ability to defeat more than one opponent in one fight, which is a huge step up. When you unlock this skill, you’ll presumably already have a Whirlwind Axe. The combo of this talent and this weapon will double the pace of leveling. Up next you will be mostly upgrading those talents. Two-handed weaponry and Axe specializations, Improved Overpower and Hamstring. Pick whichever suits you more. Before moving on to the Fury talent tree, unlock Mortal Strike. Once you switched to this tree, take 4 talents beginning with Cruelty. You ought to do so because the end goal is to unlock Enrage. Time to make your Battle shout better by unlocking Booming Voice and Improved Battle Cry. By now you’re finishing up the leveling, so you can finally buy Enrage.If you’ve decided to go with the Fury spec, you start by spending 5 points on Ruthlessness. Then spend 5 extra points on the Booming Voice. Don’t forget about the Improved Battle Cry and Piercing Howl. Now, it’s time to unlock the most powerful talent – Enrage. Death Wish must be in your arsenal without a doubt. It has a long cooldown, but it’s a really good ability to have. Anyway, you will want to contribute 4 points to Blood Craze. Then 5 more on Improved Battle Cry. Then, it’s best to unlock Flurry. After this, you should spend 3 points on Deep wounds and 1 point on Improved Overpower. Bloodthirst is the final talent of the tree, not much choice here. Moving on to the Arms talent tree. Spend 5 points on Improved Rend and Deflection, then another 5 on Tactical Mastery. Anger Management is the most influential talent for a Warrior after it, spend 3 points on Deep Wounds and another point on Improved Overpower. 2 points on Impale is a necessity. Combine it with spending 3 points on Two-Handed weapon spec and that’s all.


Skill trainer visits

From levels 1 to 10 you have pretty cheap skills, no need to save your gold. Most importantly you will want to have Battle Shout. With this ability you make a scary sound to frighten your enemies. and Heroic Strike. But focus on getting the Defensive stance. On level 12, get the Shield Bash, Overpower and Battle Cry. Upgrade the Heroic Strike to the 3rd lvl on character level 16. Also, grab the Shield Block and Mocking Blow. Forget about the skill trainer for now. You won't need him until you reach lvl 24. Once there, take Retaliation, lvl 3 Battle Cry, Intimidating Shout and Execute. Raise Heroic Strike to lvl 4. When you get to lvl 30 come to the trainer once more to obtain the Berserker Stance quest. Improve some of your skills on level 32 like Execute, Hero Strike and Battle Cry. On level 36 you finally get your signature skill – Whirlwind. It’s an AoE attack, so don’t miss it. Level 40 brings you the updated Execute and Her strike once more. Only on level 48, will be a perfect time to upgrade the Battle Cry next, so don’t bother doing that on level 42. A big leap into the future, on level 54 you will seek the trainer once more. Recklessness becomes learnable on lvl 50, Battle Cry lvl 6 on 52 and Bloodthirst on 54. The last time you come to a trainer is on level 56 when you upgrade Execute and Heroic Strike.

How to fight as a warrior

If you don’t want to rely on the Rage, you should play with Arms spec. Then your damage will depend on the crit chance. If you did go with the Fury spec, your first levels you will only be spending it with the Heroic Strike and that’s all. Also, keep the effect of Battle Cry on yourself and your allies at all times. Overpower is something you will use as your first step in the fight. Once you have Whirlwind, you can use it on solo targets too, then use Execute to finish off your opponent, when their health is below 20%. On level 40 you will have either Bloodthirst or Mortal Strike. These will be your main abilities in a fight against a single enemy.


Weapons, gear, stats and everything else

First and foremost, there is one thing that needs to be cleared right away. Different races wield different types of weapons. On top of that, to use another kind of weapon, you will have to talk to a specific trainer in town. Until then you won’t be able to use it. Warriors rely heavily on their weapons. You must make sure that you have the best weapon for the current level. Also, if you have a group, everyone should consider investing in a more powerful weapon for a Warrior. everyone at your party will benefit from this. But anyway, starting from level 3 you can already find something more interesting than the weapons that mobs leave after death. If you are an Ork, talk to Trayexir, a weapon merchant who will sell you the Large Axe. Merchants are in general a good source of decent weapons, be sure to check what they offer. The quest rewards also have great weapons to offer. On level 30 you might want to buy the Bullova as on this level it’s your best choice. The Whirlwind Axe is very important, so do complete the quest that rewards you with it on level 30. Moving further, consider getting weapons from dungeons like Stoneslayer and The Rockpounder from Uldaman. If you have the opportunity to farm Maraudon, you might get the Gatorbite Axe and Princess Theradras’ Scepter. These are all great weapons for a Warrior.The priority of stats for a Warrior is this: Strength = Spirit > Agility > Stamina. As for the choice of professions, the obvious choice is the Mining and Blacksmithing. These profs give you valuable pices of gear like Lionheart Helm and Enchanted Thorium Leggins. Both of these are going to assist you to ease the process of leveling.


One of the trendy ways to get to the max levels is farming mobs in Dungeons. If you choose to go with this method, here is how you can do this with your Warrior. On lower levels, your main damage source is the Thunder Clap. Rend also deals a nice amount of damage, but after you reach level 18, it’s recommended to use the level 2 Thunder Clap. Those targets that you prioritize should be debuffed with a Sunder Armor. Always keep the effect of the Battle Shout on your enemies. If your healer lacks mana and you have another Warrior in your party, use Demoralizing Shout, this should help. Once you get Sweeping Strikes, use it on cooldown. Pair it with Cleave if you get a lot of misses. Also, use Overpower on cooldown. Once out of combat, use Charge to get some more Rage. Always attack your targets from the back, so they won’t parry your strikes.



So why do we choose Warriors over other classes? The epic quests that you will embark on throughout your leveling process are but one example of what makes Warriors feel awesome. Taking into consideration how annoying and difficult it can feel, you have these moments that will make it all worthwhile. And then you will feel like a bad-ass. Gameplay in Classic WoW throughout all classes can be easily mocked by one to two buttons masters and Warriors can fit in that meme category somewhat. However, the stances that have a lot of new abilities behind them do make this class fall under the high-skill ceiling category. Plus the 3 specs are fundamentally different in their purpose. This makes everyone who chooses to play as a Warrior think carefully about what kind of Warrior they want to be. PvP is where this class really shines. There is nothing like watching an old Warrior PvP video where he has a pocket healer and an OP weapon that makes him unkillable. Back in the day videos like this became legendary very quickly and made quite a reputation for a Warrior class. But they not only rule over PvP. Taking aside the struggles of leveling, Warriors prove to be the greatest in both the roles they can perform. Managing your Rage resource, and what mobs you aggro, the stances that you use makes tanking in Classic a far more skilled role for Warriors than any other tank. All of their specs are viable in one situation or another, they’re always needed in dungeons and raids. Moreover, it’s hard to imagine a class more suited for PvP. Warriors also can use the most diverse range of weapon types. While Rogues change from daggers to swords or Hunters from guns to bows, Warriors can select from all types of weapons. We hope you found this guide helpful and if you want to see more guides like this, come back to our blogs later where we will tell you about more classes.

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