7 Reasons to Start Playing Beyond Light Today


Have you already bought Beyond Light and tried it out? If your answer is “No”, we are truly surprised: Beyond Light may not be perfect, but it is definitely a great expansion full of adventures and unexpected encounters. Let’s take a quick look at what it has to offer, and who knows, maybe you’ll change your mind?

Is Destiny 2 Beyond Light As Good As Promised?

Beyond Light is out, and many gamers are already looking for good Destiny 2 lfg services to find better teammates and get ready for the new raid. But still, not everyone in the D2 community has purchased the newest expansion. Some feel like it’s simply not worth the money, while others just don’t believe it to be that interesting. Even though Beyond Light turned out to be a bit different than we thought it would be, it has plenty of new things and activities to offer. And if you still haven’t checked it out, this article will convince you to do it.

What is more, we have prepared a quick guide for you to answer many common questions: “How to improve my performance in the Destiny 2 tracker? What can I do to make my Destiny 2 stats better?” Down below, you will find a bit more info on how players can hone their gaming skills and fill their collection of loot with the nicest and rarest items.

So, is Beyond Light worth it? Give us 5 minutes, and we will tell you why it is.


7 Reasons Why You Should Get a Copy of Beyond Light Right Now

Still not sure about buying the newest Destiny 2 expansion? This guide contains 7 reasons that might persuade you to get Beyond Light this very minute. So, let’s begin!

1. The Darkness is coming

We have heard about Darkness many times, but only after Beyond Light’s release we can finally find out what it is. It’s been teased, it’s been hinted on, it’s been discussed, but it has never actually been in the game till last week. For the first time in all 7 years of Destiny’s existence, it feels like the enemy we are about to face is actually unbeatable. Such an encounter makes Beyond Light even more interesting. Everybody loves a good challenge, right?

2. Stasis subclasses

We all know that every new expansion brings a little something to the class system. This time, it's Stasis. The theme for the current expansions is ice and cold, so it’s not surprising that Stasis turned out to be a set of abilities that freezes your enemies and hurts them with deadly snowballs.

3. The newest destination

If you haven't fallen in love with the beauty of Europa after seeing it in the first trailers, you are probably heartless. These views are not simply beautiful. There is really something about these icy landscapes and snowy hills that makes your heart skip a beat. What’s more, Europa will be the first place in Destiny 2 to have dynamic weather. Even though there has been some skepticism regarding this update, it still looks like an interesting experience that adds a little challenge, especially whenever you’re moving around the map trying to find something in the blizzard.

Europa is just captivating. And Destiny 2 roadmap tells us that there will be many places to explore. Let's forget about the debates for a second and just take a moment to appreciate its beauty, shall we?

4. The freshest exotics

New weapons are great, but exotics are even better. Every class in Destiny 2 will get its own set of armor, and, in addition to that, everyone can also choose among a few powerful weapons to play with. Destiny 2 exotics might not be easy to unlock, but believe us when we tell you they are worth it.

5. Live events

A few live events are rumored to arrive by the end of the current season. No doubt, while being a relatively new thing in Destiny 2, live events are going to become a great way to attract new users and provide all players with unique loot. As we can see from the Fortnite experience, live events can be a big success if organized properly.

6. Crossplay and cross-gen play

These are the very big changes coming to Destiny 2 (and we hope they are not the only ones). Now, you can play with your other D2 buddies, no matter what kind of device they are using. Also, there will be higher chances for you to find a pro faster in a Destiny 2 team finder now that there is a crossplay feature available.

7. A brand new synonym of leveling up

Now, players have a lot more freedom when it comes to leveling up their characters. You don’t have to force yourself to play Gambit if you don’t want to: you will still be able to make your character much stronger and more powerful, and this time, you will do that just by completing the tasks you like without having to complete missions you have never enjoyed.

If none of these reasons are good enough for you, then it’s time for you to re-read them again because you’ve probably missed something. All jokes aside, Beyond Light is still worth playing despite a few flaws: it has a lot of new things to introduce to the game while still keeping up Destiny's finest traditions. Its out-of-this-world landscape and the new kind of adventures will lure you in and make you forget about everything else for at least a few hours.


Will Destiny 2 Change After the Release of Beyond Light?

Beyond Light is not only about some interesting setting presented in the game for the first time. Of course, every new expansion is just an introduction of some fresh content, but Beyond Light is going to be something more than that.

The community has been complaining about the content that’s accessible only during a particular season for many years already. And prior to the Beyond Light release, some of the raids and dungeons were removed once more. And even though most of the retired activities were not something that attracted many players, the community still felt like none of them should have been vaulted. The CV has become a solution that might not be a long-term one, but it’s still something. Some content left the game, but probably not forever: it will be put in the Content Vault, from which it can return in the future, whenever Bungie decides it is time for the oldies to come back.

A lot is going on in D2 right now after the launch of Beyond Light, and we are absolutely here for it. The Beyond Light Destiny 2 is going to mean a lot to this universe. It’s important not only in terms of new raids, locations, and Destiny 2 weapons but also in terms of the revamped gameplay that will make more and more players stick to the game instead of trying it once and then abandoning it. We will see what’s gonna happen next. Just remember that often the biggest changes depend on players, and it’s your feedback, not just developers’ decisions, that will become a real game-changer.


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So, Guardians, have you already checked out Beyond Light? How did you find it? Share your thoughts in the comments below and stay tuned for even more guides and articles on Destiny 2.

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