Destiny 2’s New World First Race Has Been Announced


With less than a month left till one of the most anticipated releases this year, Bungie keeps teasing us with new bits and pieces on their upcoming Destiny 2 Beyond Light. Usually sparse on news and details (that’s what we call building up anticipation, right?), they’ve really outdone themselves, presenting new Destiny 2 subclasses, the Europa trailer, Destiny Content Vault and weapons sunsetting info all in the past few weeks, not to mention their epic video showcasing new Destiny 2 weapons and armor. And the treats just keep rolling. In the latest TWAB post, the devs have finally revealed the date of the next World First raid race, and that’s exactly what we’re here to talk about today.

Let’s Get Spooked: Hallow's End Event Is Here!


World of Warcraft is not a game that will ever let its players be inactive since there are always plenty of activities to do. And when it comes to the Spooky season, WoW is ready to provide its players with the treats they want.

This year's WoW Hallow's End event is going to bring a lot of new loot and bonuses for players who are not afraid to sweat a bit to obtain some rare reward or a costume. We highly recommend all players check out this event at least once: WoW Classic dungeons can wait, and such an opportunity to follow some new questlines and get exceptional loot is a very rare occasion.

You might say: “What about the WoW Classic raids? There are too many of those that can’t be ignored!” Well, we will tell you how to handle any raids and quests shortly. But now, let’s get into the discussion of the best part: Hallow’s End event and what it has to offer.

What has been done to EFT in


The latest patch, even though without a wipe, brought a lot of new stuff. So without further ado, let's dive straight into it. First off, Compass has been added to the game. To buy it, you need to go to Yeager level 1. It's going to cost you 164,185 rubles. When you're in a raid, all you have to do is press the U key, and the Compass will be brought up. If you left-click on your gun to shoot, it'll quickly put the Compass away and then take a shot. It's about a second-long delay, or you could right-click, which will put the Compass away, and you'll go in ADS. It's an excellent addition, especially for squads, and most people will end up using it for navigation by making good use of the azimuth info.

Let’s Prepare for Beyond Light Together


Beyond Light is about to be released, and we are all patiently waiting for the launch date. Let’s review what we know about BL so far before jumping into our main discussion.

First of all, Beyond Light will introduce new Destiny 2 subclasses, which are the Revenant (Hunter), Shadebiner (Warlock), and Behemoth (Titan). Obviously, all these subclasses will have unique abilities somehow connected to the newest expansion and the location, which is Europa.

A Quick Phase 6 Breakdown


Where is Naxxramas? When is Phase 6 going to launch? You are not the only one asking these questions: we are searching for the answers as well. Luckily for you, we've got a few details on the Naxxramas location and Phase 6. Buckle up, because today we will talk about everything happening in WoW Classic, including patch 1.13.6, Phase 6, WoW Classic coaching, and many other topics.

CoD Black Ops Cold War - weapons preview


The Beta is out, which means it's time to take a first look at the guns and discuss what potential they have in the long run when the game kicks off. Also, note that the Beta doesn't have all the guns or attachments for obvious reasons, so you naturally won't be able to unlock it all. It's useful to have a look at the advanced weapon stats page – an incredibly detailed list of your gun's additional characteristics with precise numbers and very specific units. It also gives you info on percentage changes when you put on various mods and shows little green or red text to let you know if you're doing good or bad.

The Latest Destiny 2 News: Nightfall Double Loot, Exotic Cipher, and a New Europa Trailer


Hey there, Guardians! How’s it going? Are you counting the days till that Beyond Light release? Well, we definitely are. The new expansion is still almost two weeks away, and we all are rubbing our hands in anticipation, waiting for a new Destiny 2 era to begin. Today we’re here to talk about some of the latest D2 news, including that god-blessed Nightfall bug, the Exotic Cipher goodies, and, of course, a new Beyond Light location trailer. If you’re ready, boys and girls, then buckle up and let’s get right into it!

9 Pro Tips to Help You Rank Up Faster in Apex Legends Season 6


It’s not a secret that progression this season is slower, and the usual rank up takes longer than before. The reason here might be the changes that have been so rigorously implemented by devs. Adjusting for the new meta is a big shake-up for returning players. Meta changes are often quite hard to adapt to, and many players who did great in Season 5 are now struggling a lot with Ranked. Matches can be terribly frustrating, and the road to that desired rank climb to Predator feels like pure torture. But no matter how tricky and bone-rattling it is, hitting Predator is not impossible. You just need to learn a few know-hows, and your friends at Legionfarm are happy to help.

Becoming Flawless in Trials of Osiris: 9 Tips for Easy Wins


An undoubtedly smashing hit of the first Destiny game, Trials of Osiris has made a massive comeback in Season of the Worthy. Intense fights, sweaty players, and tons of fun are waiting for you in this incredible 3x3 PvP mode, not to mention all sorts of juicy rewards that drop in abundance, especially if you go Flawless.

Apex Legends Season 6 - The most important changes!


I know we’re a bit late to cover the topic, as 99% of you have probably already played Season 6 of Apex Legends (released August 18th). But anyway, some free tips from our PRO players can never hurt.

From Bronze to Diamond through coaching - is it real?


You know, it occurred to me that people don’t fully understand why we at LegionFarm are focusing more on coaching and in-game assistance services rather than classical boosting.

Lost Treasure in Apex, IB in D2, and S2 for The Division 2


Apex crossplay, Div2 Title Update 10, and LoL item system


Bunkers in Apex, next 3 years of D2, and Twitch drops for EFT!


Apex Legends - What you should do before Season 4 ends!


First things first, Season 4 of Apex Legends is extended until May 12, 2020. That leaves us with one week to get some important stuff done :)

More games for our Play with PRO service: Rainbow Six: Siege, Overwatch, Valorant!


We’re always on the lookout for growth opportunities, and this means that we always listen to what you guys say, what improvements we can make, and very importantly, what games you want to see in our PwP service lineup. And to prove that, I’m going to reveal 3 games that we will add to our Play with a PRO system very soon!

Find out how our PROs lead full-time jobs through PwP service and fulfill their dreams!


Let’s check out how some of our PROs lives have changed after becoming a part of the LegionFarm Play with a PRO service and family!

Here's everything you have to know about the Old Ways patch in Apex Legends!


Since Apex Legends is the most popular game in our Play with a PRO system, I thought it would be useful to cover the game’s latest changes for you guys :)

The real-world economy is a mess! Panic and pandemonium all over! But the gaming industry and LegionFarm are growing.


Well, many of you can probably figure out what we’re going to talk about today based on the title of this post, hehe! As you all know, the situation in the real world is quite messy today. We’ve got the lockdown, the CoronaVirus pandemic, economic uncertainty, and tens of thousands of people losing their jobs. Just looking at the United States alone, there are around 15 million people out of work. So.. Things are looking pretty grim in the real world… It’s all over, isn’t it?!

Quarantine gaming - what to play when you're bored


I’m gonna be honest with you guys, the situation in our world today is most unpleasant. Most of us are required to stay at home and that's for many days to come. But, on the bright side, we see there is a huge surge in gaming activity across the world. Which is great!

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