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Blackwing Lair attunement guide


WoW Classic is going to be a very hardcore game. This will be especially evident in the most challenging activity – raids. To keep it short, raids are huge, 40 players instances. They push players to the edge of their skill level, as they must be great both in playing their own class and be able to play in a huge team of players. These are not the only reasons why raids are considered to be made only for the best players.

Molten Core attunement guide


The release of Classic WoW is upon us and what is a better way to celebrate that than go down the memory lane and remember some of the most iconic raids in all history of the game. We, of course, are talking about Molten Core. This raid is one of the two first raids available in the game, and they have set the bar for future endgame activities. Raids are available to players who have reached lvl 60 and have completed certain requirements. The preparation for the raid is a very important step in beating one, therefore all players must ensure their readiness, before stepping into the instance known as a raid. This is especially true for Molten Core.

What's old is new again: Destiny 2 Shadowkeep and Season of Undying are bringing some old goodies back


Autumn is gonna be thrilling for Destiny 2 fans with the Shadowkeep DLC kicking off. Being delayed for two weeks, it's now launching on October 1, so you probably need to take a couple of days off from work or studies, 'cause that new content drop is promised to be quite something.

Onyxia’s Lair attunement guide


This blog post, we will discuss about the longest and the most hardcore WoW Classic attunement of all. But before we start, let's define what attunements are. You’re probably familiar with the concept of raids in MMORPG games. Raids are closed off instances like dungeons, but unlike dungeons, they are more massive, require a bigger team and have more bosses.

What are attunements and why are they in the game?

Raids are massive endgame activities that take a lot of work and preparation. That’s true for the latest version of the game. But let us discuss what will WoW Classic attunement be like when the game releases. For starters, it’s important to take into account the differences between the gameplay of Classic WoW and the retail version of the game. For those of you who don’t know, Classic WoW aims to recreate the early years of World of Warcraft. Those first versions of the game are also known as Vanilla WoW. As you could imagine, the game was much different from what we have today.

What's your spec? A detailed look at Division 2 specializations


Specializations are an absolute key-piece in Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 endgame. As soon as you reach a level cap, you are given the honor of accessing three specs: Survivalist, Demolitionist, and Sharpshooter. Apart from powerful Signature Weapons, every spec has its progression path with a long list of upgradeable skills.

First Mythic Azshara kill

Azshara’s Eternal Palace is the latest raid added to the game in Battle of Azeroth. The story goes as follows: after the Great Divide that happened in Cataclysm, queen Azshara had to make a tough choice: go to the bottom with Zin-Azshari or serve N’Zoth. By picking the second option, all high-born have turned into Naga and build an empire at the bottom of the ocean. The center of that empire became the Eternal Palace.

No Guts No Glory: How to Raise Glory Rank in Destiny 2?


Destiny 2's Crucible is still a massive hit among both experienced players and yet inexpert newbies. Well, let's just face it, there are all sorts of hotshot game modes for any taste and color: a pretty old-fashioned Clash for those who prefer traditional gaming or a hardcore Survival, packed up with some intense action and requiring high-level teamwork. Not to mention an impressive variety of maps and a bunch of outstanding events which give Guardians a chance to show off their skills to other players. But with all this in-game diversity, Crucible Glory ranks still remain a real gem of Destiny 2's PvP combats.

Guide to Sulfuras, the Extinguished Hand


If you are a part of a guild with people, who used to raid Molten Core and Blackwing’s Lair in Vanilla, you’ve probably heard that senile nagging about Burning Crusade killing the game, making the difficulty, the bosses wrong and that the sun used to be brighter and the grass greener.

The Strongest Destiny 2 Weapons with the Highest DPS


You've probably heard a saying about bringing a knife to a gunfight, which means stepping into a difficult situation without being fully prepared. When we talk about an actual weapon choice in the game, that idiom really hits a nerve, although bringing a gun is only half the story, 'cause you need it to be the right gun.

Division 2 Best PvP Builds Guide


Tom Clancy's The Division 2 is a long-awaited sequel of a bombshell looter-shooter, which was released not so long ago but has already earned a good reputation among gamers. Known for its nontrivial combination of cooperative play and solo story-based campaign, The Division 2 is a bit different and way better than its predecessor in a lot of things.

Operation Dark Hours - is this impossible?


Nice to see you again, Agents! If you’re not living in the tank, then you should know that the first raid activity for the Division 2 is already here! Operation Dark Hours is an 8-player raid, which has created a lot of mess for the past few days.

Crucible of Storms – Worth it?


Welcome, warriors of Azeroth! Raiding in World of Warcraft always have been the most challenging part of high-end PvE content. This is the best way to test your skills and your equipment, but also this is the way to obtain some highest ilvl gear in the game at the moment.

Luna’s Howl and Not Forgotten nerf – it’s all over?


Guardians! The topic we’re discussing today has made a lot of noise in the past few days – and this is what you’d expect to happen. Two of the most powerful PvP hand cannons are going to get nerfed in the next season – but is it actually how it is?

Best presents for Destiny 2 gamer


Welcome, dear friend! If you’ve visited this article, then you probably have some Destiny 2 gamer(s) in your life, and there’s some celebration coming, but you’ve run out of gift ideas. Buying a gift for a gamer isn’t easy after all. And this is where we, team, come in. We are the experts in this question, and we are ready to help you with making a present for the gamer! This is our ultimate guide on how to buy a gift for a gamer.

Destiny 2 Gambit Prime - how to play?


Season of the Drifter has started recently with a new Gambit variation called Gambit Prime. Gambit itself is a 4v4 mode with a mix of PvE and PvP activities. The main target is to summon a Primeval (boss) by collecting motes that are dropping from mobs and to kill it faster than the other team, which can send an invader to your side to make things harder – but so can you. Sounds quite easy?

Destiny 2 Crucible - Road to the Legend


If you’re already playing Destiny 2 you probably now that PvP part of the game mainly consists of the Crucible. We, team, have prepared this little glory ranks guide for you – get yourself some tea and let’s get started.

Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 - does it worth it?


After almost 3 years of The Division, we’re going to have a sequel – Tom Clancy’s The Division 2. There’s not a lot of info about this game yet, but team has collected all that we have at the moment to answer the most intriguing question – does it worth it to play The Division 2?

World of Warcraft: Classic leveling – You're doing it wrong!


As you may know, WoW Classic will launch this summer and will bring back some true hardcore gaming to us. We, team, decided to give you some useful tips and suggestions on how to do your World of Warcraft Classic leveling the most efficient way.

World of Warcraft: Classic - Should I be a priest? (guide)


Even experienced WoW players probably will have to learn how to play priest in WoW Classic from the very beginning. So we, team, have decided to create this short and informative guide about the first must-have class for any group in WoW’s history. This is our World of Warcraft Classic Priest guide.

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