You wanna be on top? Best Apex streamers reveal their secrets


Twenty years ago we couldn’t imagine even half of what our technological progress has accomplished now, and here we are, using the Internet from almost any part of the planet and playing computer games that are so deep and realistic that sometimes you cannot tell them from action movies. It’s not a secret that streaming platforms and online gaming go hand in hand nowadays and contribute a lot to our modern culture. Apex Legends stream community has grown in numbers for the past few years and doesn’t stop growing. Thanks to modern technologies and digital breakthroughs, we can entertain ourselves with our favorite games without even playing them – just find a streamer and start watching their videos.

What does Apex Legends Season 4 hold for us?


Hey there, Apex fans! How’s it going, huh? We’ve waited a really long time for a new season to be released, and now, ladies and gents, this torture of waiting has finally come to its end. Meet the fourth chapter of our favorite game – Assimilation. As is usually the case, S4 is bursting at the seams with newly-added features. Here in this article, your humble friends from Legionfarm will dwell on all those Apex Legends news and bring you up to speed on everything regarding the newly-released content. What have we got here, pals? We’ve got a truckload of goodies: a new hero, new weapons, new customization options, lots of extra additions, and, of course, an exclusive Apex Legends battle pass.

Become the new legend of Apex Games


Welcome to the first-ever blog dedicated to the Apex Legends. This is the first of the series dedicated to this game where we will give you an insight on everything related to it from characters and guns to mechanics and seasonal content and events. Without further ado let us start by introducing to you the current roster of recently started season 4 called Assimilation. Remember there are no best characters in Apex Legends, only those that you like to play personally. However, it is important to have a diverse team of characters with different abilities that complement each other.

How to get the legendary Luna's Howl


Just about a year ago the world of Destiny 2 has been graced by the addition of one of the most iconic hand cannons in the game – Luna’s Howl. As the Crucible Handler, Lord Shaxx says himself about this gun – “Guardians never die. But we don’t forget those who do.” Gamers had a lot of time to think about the meaning of this line, while they were obliterating their foes with this truly astonishing piece of weaponry. So, what made this revolver so legendary? Being the Pinnacle reward in Season 4, Luna’s Howl reminded a lot of the Lord High Fixer from the second year of the first Destiny game. The design is very similar, so hardcore fans surely appreciated that little throwback. But it wasn’t for the looks that it got so much glory among the community. You look at the description of the perks and you ask yourself where does all the hype come from?

Pentagon and Update 6 are already available in The Division 2


It’s time to rejoice, Agents, as the devs have finally blessed us with their TU6 and Episode 2 for the fan-favorite The Division 2. The brand-new DLC called arrived yesterday and marked the second of the three massive game updates. For Season Pass owners, every piece of new content has already been dropped. Others still need to wait a bit longer – around one week, until October 22. Some of you are probably already enjoying the long-awaited patch, but for those who haven’t got such a chance yet, we’ll quickly overview what to expect next week from the Division 2 new update. So, what exactly do TU6 and Ep2 bring us?

Detailed Destiny 2 Garden of Salvation overview


Hey, Guardians, how’s it going? Have you already tried out new D2 activities? Slew some cyborgs in Vex Offensive or maybe even took the risk of stepping into the fresh Destiny 2 raid? Yes, we all know that raids are the franchise’s cream of the crop as they contain the hardest challenges and the most lavish rewards. Requiring a team of six, raids offer various riddles and tricky mechanics, not to mention the scariest bosses in D2. Garden of Salvation is no exception. A pretty global undertaking with four encounters, it throws you into the well-known location from D1 to fight off some Vex and lead your party to the ultimate glory. However, without knowing what to do, this whole thing can drag on for weeks and bring you nothing but frustration.

The Division 2 dev reveals a secret boss


The Division 2 is not that ordinary shoot-the-bad-guys-and-loot-everything-around-you type of game. Surely, as a looter-shooter, it requires a great deal of both but if you dig deeper, it’s not that straightforward as it might seem at first.It’s a common practice for the devs to hide some extra stuff in their game’s open world to spice things up a little. Usually dedicated expert players crack such puzzles in a matter of days or weeks at most. However, it’s been almost three months since the Manning National Zoo mission was added, and till now, no one’s had even the slightest clue that all this time, the location has hiding a Division 2 unknown boss encounter.

A detailed overview of the best Destiny 2 weapon rolls


Shadowkeep has just been released and it’s really made some noise in D2 players community. Having brought big in-game changes, it significantly altered the pinnacle weapons system, replacing them with the ones called Ritual weapons. By doing so, Bungie once again has raised a crucial question of weapon rolls.For those who are out of the loop, in this article, we’re gonna explain everything you need to know about rolls in D2, starting from the very basics and moving on to the tips for creating your own god rolls in accordance with the current meta. Are you ready to educate yourself on the subject of D2 weapon rolls? Yeah, we thought so. Let’s roll then!

Drastic Destiny 2 changes you really need to know after the Shadowkeep release


A while ago Bungie posted the latest news about their new installment, which is now finally released. Some of those details have already been announced while the others are brand new. In this article, we will overview them thoroughly, giving you heads up on what to expect in the newest DLC.We’d like to start with a short patch notes preview, covering the changes that seem to us the most important. Here they are:

Destiny 2 classes overview


In our recently published beginners guide we’ve already touched upon the topic of character classes but only briefly. Now we’re gonna help you figure out which one is more comfy for you to use.D2, as you probably know, offers us 3 classes. Each of them, in turn, is divided into 3 subclasses with their own distinctive abilities and perks. We’ll try to review all 9 archetypes so that you could make up your mind about choosing the ones that suit your playstyle best.It’s incredibly important to know that when you start the game, there’ll be only one class at your disposal. In other words, you’ll run only one of the existing 3 classes, while the other 2 you will have to unlock in the process, but as soon as you do it, you’ll be able to switch between all three of them at any moment during any mission.

Sharing items in The Division 2


In the best genre’s traditions, The Division 2 offers us a great deal of shooting spiced with massive loot drops, so it basically combines everything we love about a good looter-shooter. Both parts are essential and intertwined: great loot leads to great performance. Working on perfecting your build is not a piece of cake, and the further you go through the game, the harder it gets to obtain the needed items.Endgame drops are powerful but random, so you never know what you’re gonna get and sometimes such surprises are far from being pleasant. For an excruciatingly difficult mission, you might receive some weapons or gear that you already have or just don’t want ‘cause they don’t fit your current build. But hold off on getting rid of those items: there’s plenty of time to dismantle or sell them. Instead of simply disposing of them, you can do some good for your teammates, as they might actually find some use for the pieces that are useless to you.

What do Destiny 2 Year 3 releases hold for us?


You are probably crossing out the remaining days from your calendar till that mid-fall content drop, and that’s okay, ‘cause we are doing the same thing. In less than a week we are finally getting one of the most anticipated D2 releases in the whole franchise history, and not just one but three of them at once.The most surprising is New Light – a truly generous gift to everyone who has been wanting to play D2 for a long time but got scared off by the initial price and the paid content. Now Bungie is launching a free version of our favorite game. Of course, there will be some content limitations, ‘cause otherwise it will not be fair to the players who have a paid version, but in general, we still have a pretty solid set of available activities. What exactly are they?

More changes in the upcoming The Division 2 update


The last Division 2 stream was held on September 18, and the devs dwelled mostly on Dark Zone and Conflict improvements that are going to be introduced in the upcoming TU6. In addition to the already more or less teased news about removing normalization, reworking the Vendor system, and extending supply drops to the Control points, the new Conflict mode was also announced. All these changes sound really groundbreaking, and we can’t wait to see them integrated into the gaming process. While we are entering a standby mode, counting days till October, let us explain what the devs have prepared for The Division 2’s future.

Tips for new players: How to survive in The Division 2?


Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 has been greatly in demand for some time now. Thousands of fans all over the world enjoy it and the number of players keeps growing with each passing day. Next month Ubisoft Massive is releasing a long-awaited update, which will definitely please the already playing folks and also attract a lot of newcomers. The Division 2 is full of different mechanics. For those who haven’t played the first part, it might seem hard to figure out all the specificities, and that’s why we’ve decided to make a short guide and share some tips to help new players get acquainted with the game. Following a couple of simple rules will make your in-game journey a lot faster and more exciting, so if you’re new to The Division 2, keep reading – by the end of this article, you’ll be prepped like nobody’s business.

The Division 2 devs promise major mechanics changes


October is shaping up to be great for Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 players, as the game is expected to have Update 6.0 with the multiple mechanic changes. Mostly, they will affect loot, gear, recalibration, and crafting station. Moreover, a new loot system is going to be introduced, and it’s reported to significantly ease item farming. But okay, Agents, first things first.

Shadowkeep starter weapon pack: What loadout is the best to meet the new Destiny 2 DLC?


The speculations around Bungie’s new installment for Destiny 2 do not cease to circulate through the fan community. The game is back on the radar with a bunch of promising updates that are likely to change some of the core concepts of our favorite science-fantasy shooter. And while you are busy scrolling through our website looking for a nice Destiny 2 carry, we’re gonna make it easier for you by offering one or two options for perfecting your loadout. In this article, we will share some insights into the weapons that will most probably continue being the top ones and defining Destiny 2 meta just like they are doing now. Judging by where things currently stand, three weapons have proven to be particularly effective and powerful. The holy trinity includes two grenade launchers – Mountaintop and Wendigo – and a well-known Recluse SMG. If they are not affected by any balance changes (yes, Bungie, we know you like nerfing things), we will get ourselves a pretty solid weapon choice to jump to the next D2 chapter.

A detailed look at Armor 2.0 in Destiny 2


Bungie is finally going to introduce their most major gameplay update in Destiny 2 Shadowkeep. The upcoming changes vary from the reward system to the whole in-game world evolution (in case you haven’t heard about that check out our detailed article) but the hottest topic for discussion still is the new armor system.Destiny 2 Season of the Undying is already on its way launching on October 1, so while waiting for it let’s dive deeper into the new D2 content we’re about to see. This article is your ultimate guide on Armor 2.0, as it contains everything we’ve learned so far about what this armor does and how to make this whole thing work well for you. We will explain such features as mods and stats, discuss the most distinctive features of the soon-to-be Armor 2.0, and fill you in on how to upgrade more effectively.

Destiny 2 Extensive beginner guide


Destiny 2’s popularity has not waned even though it was released more than three years ago. In the run-up to the new Season’s launch, we’ve decided to come up with a guide for those who are just starting to explore the D2’s universe.In this guide, we will dwell on some basics and share a couple of tips, which will hopefully be useful to all the newly arrived players. If you are already familiar with the Destiny-verse and played the first part, peek into this article anyway – we will overview some major differences between the sequel and the original as well.

Bungie is moving house: Steam transfer and new DLC details revealed


Friendship ended with Battle.Net, now Steam is Bungie’s best friend.As the devs have promised, the transfer officially launched on August 20, and it’s already possible for users to link their accounts. To move your characters and purchases, including all the DLCs and silver, you simply need to log into both of your accounts on a special page on Bungie’s website, and the rest will be done automatically. After the 1st of October, when New Light is released, users will be free to keep on playing via Valve service. This very day, Destiny 2 will no longer be accessible via Battle.Net. October 1 is a big day as the shooter’s DLC – Shadowkeep – kicks off as well. It’s already available for pre-order on Steam, so if you still haven’t done it, now it’s about time. To heighten your interest, we’re about to share some juicy details of D2’s new content drop.

Destiny 2 is on the verge of some big changes


With Shadowkeep almost on our doorstep, Bungie is ready to begin Destiny 2 Year 3, and it looks like they are serious about bringing some drastic changes to the game. Things weren’t always good for the franchise. It had its ups and downs, but Bungie seems to learn from their mistakes. Not so long ago, the D2’s director Luke Smith has written a lengthy post on Bungie’s website, explaining Destiny 2 Year 3 roadmap and enlightening us on what to expect from the upcoming season, and oh boy! it looks we are about to witness something large-scale and extremely ambitious.In this article, we’ve carefully compiled everything we’ve learned so far about Year 3, including a few facts about the updates and all the changes that the game is going to undergo.

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