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Detailed Herbalism guide


Herbalism is a science as well as an art, which goes hand in hand with Alchemy. As the source of key ingredients, Herbalism skills are vital to generating numerous potions that help to make you more effective in combat. If you want to begin a marvelous journey into the very heart of Azeroth flora, this article is exactly what you need.Today we’ll fill you in on how to progress as a Herbalist quickly and efficiently. We’ll dwell on the best places to level Herbalism and harvest the most useful plants. We can’t wait to share this guide with you, so let’s jump right into it!

Tailoring guide


The very essence of Tailoring lies in the concept of looking stylish while you’re devouring another mob. Okay, really this is just a profession that lets you create cloth-type armor pieces from leg to head slots. In most cases, it has nothing to do with looking better than others, but it’s still nice to think it that way. Don’t get disappointed though, because tailoring is a very profitable profession, because the best farmers in the games are using cloth armor. Of course, we’re talking about mages, for whom tailoring is a must-have. This is a world of threads and fine materials such as linen, wool, a variety of silks ready to be imbued with magic. Although you can simply get enchanting on your bank-alt and pick up a second profession of your choice. Tailoring is quite unique and offers decent in-game advantages to cloth users. Even from early levels, it provides items such as Spider Silk Boots. Being able to upgrade your inventory with silk bags while also making a couple of extra silver to learn your spells is a wonderful feeling.

Leatherworking guide


The thing about Leatherworking is that this is the easiest profession to farm materials for. You know that you need to kill beasts and skin them for the leather. As you keep farming mobs you’ll learn what kinds of leather can be obtained from them, you won’t need to look for something else like with other professions. That being said, you will be doing 3 things at the same time – gaining XP for your character for grinding mobs, lvling your skinning profession and most importantly you’ll be lvling leatherworking. Other professions like tailoring depend on rng when it comes to materials acquisition. If rng is not on your side you won’t be able to get much, whereas farming leather is a much safer bet. Because of how easy it is to farm leather it does mean that the price for skins is usually relatively low. On top of that leather is not needed by any other professions like cloth or ore, so that also helps to keep the price for leather relatively low. What does all this mean? It means that leatherworking is one of the cheapest crafting professions to level up.

Ultimate Fishing Guide


In this article, we will cover one more indispensable skill you can learn in WoW. It’s Fishing. We’ll look closely at what to fish, how to transform ingredients for more profit and what to do if you wanna buff the skill. Without further ado, let us begin.For the most part, fishermen live by catching the Azeroth seafood, but it’s not as simple as it might seem at first glance. Fishing is not just chilling near the pond with a rod in your hands. It is indeed an intricate science, requiring you to thoroughly select the bait and to have tons of patience, ‘cause otherwise, you’re not gonna get the desired rewards. Fishing is intrinsically tied to Alchemy and Cooking, as it provides the essential ingredients. Fish is utilized by chefs and also by alchemists to create different potions.

Profession Guide – Enchanting


When you’re thinking about professions in any MMORPG game the first things that come to mind are probably those professions that enable players to make weapons, armor, maybe potions and other things can make a character stronger. Taken the fact that there are usually several kinds of weapon and armor types you get on your hands a bunch of similar professions with very small differences. WoW, wouldn’t have become so popular if it’s developers just followed this formula. Enchanting is a unique profession and it is tied to the world of the game. This is not a production profession in a normal sense. Basically, it revolves around the idea of empowering items that you can equip with magic. Enchanters also use their craft to disenchant something that already has this magic in and then use the residue to permanently buff the power of some other item. The rarer the item that gets disenchanted the more valuable substance is extracted, the better a power-up will be. This makes enchanting a unique profession in the sense that it is very well designed from a logical point of view. Essentially it’s something like reverse engineering, only you deconstruct something powerful to take that power and embed it into something less powerful. This magical resource that represents the extracted power-up can increase the stats, making an armor stronger, more resilient, making weapon strike faster among a host of other mystical powers. Enchanter’s craft is often applied as a paid service. It allows them to dictate the price that is directly proportional to the rarity of the equipment they work with. This craft also includes tools that are needed for transferring the magic from one thing to another. Those tools actually need to be upgraded with each new difficult enchant learned, but more on this later. Now, without further ado, let’s move on to our guide.

The Division 2 dev reveals a secret boss


The Division 2 is not that ordinary shoot-the-bad-guys-and-loot-everything-around-you type of game. Surely, as a looter-shooter, it requires a great deal of both but if you dig deeper, it’s not that straightforward as it might seem at first.It’s a common practice for the devs to hide some extra stuff in their game’s open world to spice things up a little. Usually dedicated expert players crack such puzzles in a matter of days or weeks at most. However, it’s been almost three months since the Manning National Zoo mission was added, and till now, no one’s had even the slightest clue that all this time, the location has hiding a Division 2 unknown boss encounter.

Profession Guide – Blacksmithing


How would you like to be able to forge tools that can save lives? The point of any MMO is embarking on an adventure. But a journey into a magical world would be incomplete if everyone were doing the same thing. Finding your calling in a world like Azeroth can enrich your experience. Sure, killing monsters, getting levels makes the most of the fun. Yet, many players prefer peaceful professions. The second half of the genre that defines WoW is RPG. What contributes better to role-playing than communicating with others by trading, exchanging goods, making something new? This is what professions are all about in theory. In reality, gamers pick up professions thinking about making a profit or making their time in the game simpler. Blacksmithing is one of those professions that can really help you out in the game. One thing to know about this profession - it can get a little tough on the higher ranks, as particular resources for high-grade recipes are rare and expensive. Let's start by discussing the profession in general. After that, we're gоing to move on to specifics and finish up by summarizing everything to answer the question - is it worth it?

A detailed overview of the best Destiny 2 weapon rolls


Shadowkeep has just been released and it’s really made some noise in D2 players community. Having brought big in-game changes, it significantly altered the pinnacle weapons system, replacing them with the ones called Ritual weapons. By doing so, Bungie once again has raised a crucial question of weapon rolls.For those who are out of the loop, in this article, we’re gonna explain everything you need to know about rolls in D2, starting from the very basics and moving on to the tips for creating your own god rolls in accordance with the current meta. Are you ready to educate yourself on the subject of D2 weapon rolls? Yeah, we thought so. Let’s roll then!

Drastic Destiny 2 changes you really need to know after the Shadowkeep release


A while ago Bungie posted the latest news about their new installment, which is now finally released. Some of those details have already been announced while the others are brand new. In this article, we will overview them thoroughly, giving you heads up on what to expect in the newest DLC.We’d like to start with a short patch notes preview, covering the changes that seem to us the most important. Here they are:

WoW Classic PvP Guide


If you follow the official announcements for the game, then you already know that the big PvP update will follow in Phase 3 of content updates. As for now, all we have is the barebones of a complex system that is PvP. That means that you are very much likely to be killed somewhere in the open world without any replications. There is no honor points system to spot the PKs, no battlegrounds, ranks, and rewards for them. The best thing you can do to prepare for the big release of the competitive move is to read this WoW Classic PvP guide and think about what do you, specifically need to be ready for it. And to start off, the biggest question everybody has is – what class to choose for WoW Classic PvP. There is no straight answer for this, however, we can still give you some tips. First of all, PvP will be approached much more differently, since most people are now more experienced in the game as opposed to the time when everyone was just learning the ropes. Every class today has it’s strong and weak sides and viable is not the same as optimal. The class balance is as simple as a rock – papers – scissors game. Every class has a counter class. Moreover, everyone has his role, depending on the BG you’re playing at, so forget about the WoW Classic tier list. Engineering is a very useful profession for PvP. The items that are obtainable via this profession helps to negate most of the weak spots of your class. A good player knows what utility items to bring to the BG and when to use them. Consumables win battlegrounds. Those who spend a lot of time in preparation will have a better experience than the rest. After all, the most dedicated players always win.

Destiny 2 classes overview


In our recently published beginners guide we’ve already touched upon the topic of character classes but only briefly. Now we’re gonna help you figure out which one is more comfy for you to use.D2, as you probably know, offers us 3 classes. Each of them, in turn, is divided into 3 subclasses with their own distinctive abilities and perks. We’ll try to review all 9 archetypes so that you could make up your mind about choosing the ones that suit your playstyle best.It’s incredibly important to know that when you start the game, there’ll be only one class at your disposal. In other words, you’ll run only one of the existing 3 classes, while the other 2 you will have to unlock in the process, but as soon as you do it, you’ll be able to switch between all three of them at any moment during any mission.

Sharing items in The Division 2


In the best genre’s traditions, The Division 2 offers us a great deal of shooting spiced with massive loot drops, so it basically combines everything we love about a good looter-shooter. Both parts are essential and intertwined: great loot leads to great performance. Working on perfecting your build is not a piece of cake, and the further you go through the game, the harder it gets to obtain the needed items.Endgame drops are powerful but random, so you never know what you’re gonna get and sometimes such surprises are far from being pleasant. For an excruciatingly difficult mission, you might receive some weapons or gear that you already have or just don’t want ‘cause they don’t fit your current build. But hold off on getting rid of those items: there’s plenty of time to dismantle or sell them. Instead of simply disposing of them, you can do some good for your teammates, as they might actually find some use for the pieces that are useless to you.

What do Destiny 2 Year 3 releases hold for us?


You are probably crossing out the remaining days from your calendar till that mid-fall content drop, and that’s okay, ‘cause we are doing the same thing. In less than a week we are finally getting one of the most anticipated D2 releases in the whole franchise history, and not just one but three of them at once.The most surprising is New Light – a truly generous gift to everyone who has been wanting to play D2 for a long time but got scared off by the initial price and the paid content. Now Bungie is launching a free version of our favorite game. Of course, there will be some content limitations, ‘cause otherwise it will not be fair to the players who have a paid version, but in general, we still have a pretty solid set of available activities. What exactly are they?

An ample guide to Hunter in WoW Classic


Why do hunters get smashed in bars? Because they're always multi-shotting. Welcome to a new guide in our series. This time, we’re going to talk about one of the coolest classes in the game – hunters. In short, these guys have pet companions that they actively use in combat. But these creatures are not just another set of skills, they actually need to be taken care of on a regular basis. Treat them well, and they’ll do more damage, ignore them – they will run away. Every beast has his own favorite food, they behave and, of course, look differently. Some other classes have pets too, but none of them require their owners to be so involved in their well-being.

More changes in the upcoming The Division 2 update


The last Division 2 stream was held on September 18, and the devs dwelled mostly on Dark Zone and Conflict improvements that are going to be introduced in the upcoming TU6. In addition to the already more or less teased news about removing normalization, reworking the Vendor system, and extending supply drops to the Control points, the new Conflict mode was also announced. All these changes sound really groundbreaking, and we can’t wait to see them integrated into the gaming process. While we are entering a standby mode, counting days till October, let us explain what the devs have prepared for The Division 2’s future.

Tips for new players: How to survive in The Division 2?


Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 has been greatly in demand for some time now. Thousands of fans all over the world enjoy it and the number of players keeps growing with each passing day. Next month Ubisoft Massive is releasing a long-awaited update, which will definitely please the already playing folks and also attract a lot of newcomers. The Division 2 is full of different mechanics. For those who haven’t played the first part, it might seem hard to figure out all the specificities, and that’s why we’ve decided to make a short guide and share some tips to help new players get acquainted with the game. Following a couple of simple rules will make your in-game journey a lot faster and more exciting, so if you’re new to The Division 2, keep reading – by the end of this article, you’ll be prepped like nobody’s business.

A diabolical guide to Warlock in WoW Classic


Good old warlocks, bringers of darkness, reapers of souls, masters of demons. Spell deceases and hellfire all while controlling demonic companion to aid you in the merciless slaughter of your foes. The class fantasy of warlocks is well displayed with its armor sets, the flavor of your combat style and as a cherry, on top, you get to ride a kick-ass fiery horse. Lvling with warlocks is one of the most amazing experiences in the game. They are a pet class, meaning you usually want your beefy voidwalker pet to do all the tanking which means you just get more HP to use between the two of you. They also get one of the finest CC spells of all time – Fear. And that lets you solo many elite mobs, pull much more and helps you dominate in any PVP scenario you might participate in. The warlock is also very gear independent. Forget about dungeons or auction house to retain your progress steady and speedy. The best thing about warlocks is that they get an evil horse at lvl 40 free of charge, saving you a lot of time and keeping you on a steady pace to 60 where people who have tried to grind for a mount might obtain it in a couple of lvls later, you’ll be speeding along as soon as mounts are available. There is also the fact that you’re very consistent with kill time since warlock rarely needs to drink. Plus, a huge giant bonus on top of all is that you get Life Tap which basically means converting stamina into mana, giving you great flexibility with itemization. You’re a supercharged battery that can keep pulling forever.

A faultless guide to Shaman in WoW Classic


Shamans are very good at leveling. The most noticeable benefit is the Ghost Wolf’s form that will make them the fastest class in the game from the lvl 20 to 30 bracket. That’s faster than Hunter’s cheetah that gives them only 36%. What’s more, their totem mechanic leaves them prepared for absolutely any kind of situation. They also have this spell called Ancestral Recall with a 15 min cooldown that’s the second ability that can return your character back home. Like healers, they got an ability to revive fallen allies. Finally, they can kite mobs around pretty much indefinitely if mana permits. However, this class can be confusing to the new players, thanks to his vast arsenal of tools. He is needed in every group thanks to his supportive abilities. He is both DPS and a healer, they have high damage potential both in melee and ranged combat. However, he is most effective in a party as a healer, when he buffs the teammates with his totems.

The Division 2 devs promise major mechanics changes


October is shaping up to be great for Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 players, as the game is expected to have Update 6.0 with the multiple mechanic changes. Mostly, they will affect loot, gear, recalibration, and crafting station. Moreover, a new loot system is going to be introduced, and it’s reported to significantly ease item farming. But okay, Agents, first things first.

Shadowkeep starter weapon pack: What loadout is the best to meet the new Destiny 2 DLC?


The speculations around Bungie’s new installment for Destiny 2 do not cease to circulate through the fan community. The game is back on the radar with a bunch of promising updates that are likely to change some of the core concepts of our favorite science-fantasy shooter. And while you are busy scrolling through our website looking for a nice Destiny 2 carry, we’re gonna make it easier for you by offering one or two options for perfecting your loadout. In this article, we will share some insights into the weapons that will most probably continue being the top ones and defining Destiny 2 meta just like they are doing now. Judging by where things currently stand, three weapons have proven to be particularly effective and powerful. The holy trinity includes two grenade launchers – Mountaintop and Wendigo – and a well-known Recluse SMG. If they are not affected by any balance changes (yes, Bungie, we know you like nerfing things), we will get ourselves a pretty solid weapon choice to jump to the next D2 chapter.

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